Blumhouse TV and Hulu Announce New 12 Episode Horror Anthology

As of October 2018 Blumhouse TV and Hulu will be showcasing a 12-episode horror anthology that is a big step from their normal one episode a week routine. The anthology will be releasing one episode a month instead, which could be a hard thing for people to get used to but would make each episode an event unto itself and hopefully generate buzz between each episode.  So far there’s no idea as to what the stories will be about or who will be tapped to write the stories, but it’s expected to be something very innovative as far as Hulu goes and offer something different than their current format. Chances are it won’t be anything that’s practiced on a normal basis, but the anthology, which will feature 12 individual stories, should be something interesting to watch.

Personally I think it’s a good thing and bad thing that they’re thinking about. It’s good because it does give viewers a break in-between and doesn’t encourage binge-watching as is seen from Netflix and their constantly available series. This type of format would force the viewer to slow down and truly consider what they’re watching and perhaps garner some real debate about one thing or another with each episode that people could discuss. It could also generate new ideas for other shows and possibly movies among other film makers and producers after a good deal of discussion over what’s been seen. In any case it would be a welcome break from the predictable once a week episode that is now in place.

It might be a bad thing though because it could allow people to lose interest in between. The television industry moves quickly and if a show isn’t ready to offer up whatever it can right now or the day after at the latest then interest could possibly wane. It’s not a guarantee that people will turn away and find something else, after all a favorite show coming back after a long hiatus usually draws people in without an issue. But a month-long gap between episodes could be a bit of a stretch. I do think that Blumhouse TV and Hulu are taking a big chance on this simply because one show per month doesn’t seem like it would be enough for a lot of people. It’s a worthy gamble but it might not pan out the way they’re thinking. I’m not a business expert obviously but I am a fan of several shows and I’ve seen too often how people react when their favorite shows are off the air for more than a couple of weeks. They tend to look for something else, and unless they’re totally invested in the show that hasn’t been seen in a while they might just shrug their shoulders and move on.

So in all honesty it could be a good or bad idea for Hulu to dole out on episode per month, but the deciding factor is going to be the response of the viewers. If they’re not happy then it won’t matter if the critics think it’s good or bad.

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