Patrick Stewart Tells Conan That Playing Poop Required a Ton of Research

When you’ve started off as a Shakespearian actor and then land the Captain on a Star Trek ship role to eventually becoming the leader of the entire mutant race, landing the role of “poop” doesn’t exactly sound glamorous. However, Sir Patrick Stewart explained on Thursday’s Conan that voicing Poop in the upcoming Emoji Movie is part of his “philosophy of finding diversity.”

“Thirty years ago, I probably wouldn’t have accepted this role,” the venerated actor admitted, emphasizing that the part is animated. “But I’m now honored and delighted to be playing the role of the emoji Poop.”  “I don’t know how you’re going to feel about this,” he recalled his agent saying. “I listened to him say ‘poop,’ and I said, ‘Yes! … How diverse could an emoji role get? Poop is it. That’s the one.”

Those that know Stewart understand that this is a men with a tremendous sense of humor so while some may be surprised at how much he’s proud of the role, others expected this.  Stewart’s never been one to shy from childish and toilet humor on social media and he’s certainly not now that he’s 76.  I hope Stewart continues to get dirtier and dirtier the older he gets.  It’s 100% his right and he’s more than earned it.

Check out the interview below:

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