James Gunn Tries to Settle the Muppets vs. Sesame Street Debate

Bert and Ernie

What happens when the entertainment industry is given a few days off and starts to get bored? We’re wondering who would win in a knife fight between the Muppets and Sesame Street characters, that about sums it up. Even director James Gunn is weighing in at this point as Kevin Burwick from MovieWeb has shown that Gunn favors Sesame Street in this continuing debate that might make you laugh or roll your eyes, or both at the same time. If it came down to picking favorites a lot of people would probably be pulling characters from each show and possibly creating a mashup that would be enjoyed by a lot of people, but since we’re going cutthroat we might as well go for it and wonder just what would happen in various scenarios. After all, Gunn is already stating that the characters from Sesame Street have the edge because, well, they’re from the ‘street’ obviously and they’d likely know how to fight to win, not how to fight just to put on a show since the Muppets, as much as they’ve visited the streets, are performers and more than anything would probably be seen as the liberal arts students more likely to stage a protest over something that irks them than they would to just get in there and get the thing done. In other words, the Muppets might be Antifa and various other protest groups while Sesame Street would be the citizens that have become tired of the garbage coming from either side and are ready to rumble. That’s one extreme way to look at it anyway.

Some might argue that the Muppets have characters such as Miss Piggy and Animal that are known to be wild and can possibly bang, but are likely still just one Big Bird stomp or Cookie Monster chomp from being rendered null and void in such a fight. Then there’s the Snuffleupagus to consider, and Oscar as well. It might be worth mentioning Chef from the Muppets, but Kermit, Fozzie, Rolf, and several others don’t sound as though they’d put up much of a fight. And if you’re going to mention Gonzo then one might as well mention Grover, since the two would likely cancel each other out pretty readily. One surprise that might astound a lot of people and make a few laugh would be the inclusion of Beaker, since there’s no telling just how awesome the wild-eyed Muppet might actually be if someone was to turn him loose. True, he might just run away at the first sign of trouble, but who knows?

Yes, things have come down to this,we are debating as to which group would win in a fight, KIDS characters, puppets, are being voted on when it comes to who might be the toughest. In any other case this would a very notable wtf moment, but at this point the boredom appears to be setting in at an alarming rate since it hasn’t been quite that long since the COVID-19 virus decided to settle into society and make a general mess of things. One has to wonder just how many hypothetical death matches we’re going to be looking at in the world of entertainment before all is said and done. Like it or not, they are kind of entertaining since there are plenty of death matches online that pit various characters against one another while utilizing everything from their intelligence to their durability to the innate powers that they have. Really, we’ve seen Starscream vs. Rainbow Dash for crying out, and Blanka vs. Pikachu, there’s almost no limit to what can happen so long as it’s entertaining and people are willing to watch. Oh, Rainbow Dash actually won if you can buy that, and yes, Blanka did in fact beat Pikachu, sorry Pokemon fans. Somehow though, if Death Match did get a hold of the Muppets and Sesame Street and managed to do something with them it feels as though it would a serious calamity that would see the literal stuffing getting knocked of the participants. It might be a lot of fun to watch for a some folks that have a twisted sense of humor.

In the long run the Muppets do feel as though they might have the hardest struggle if only because they don’t have any size variation to them and some of them aren’t nearly as mean as a few of the Sesame Street characters can be. Think of Oscar the Grouch and what he might be able to stuff in his trash can for just such an occasion, or how Big Bird and Snuffleupagus might run riot on the Muppets just by stomping around. Of course it’s a hypothetical fight since something like this might scar kids for life, but from an adult standpoint it’s still amusing to think about.

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