10 Things You Didn’t Know about Jacky Lai

Jacky Lai

When people think of famous Canadians in Hollywood, then tend to think of actors like Ryan Gosling and Ryan Reynolds. Expect to add the name Jacky Lai to that list soon. The actress has been quietly working for years, gaining popularity for her recent sci-fi roles. Currently, she’s doing high profile projects like the lead role in a movie and co-starring in a new Netflix show. With these new projects, her down to earth attitude, and her talent, Jacky is sure to win even more fans. Here are 10 things you didn’t know about Jacky Lai:

1. She’s Canadian

Jacky and her family were settled in Toronto, Canada for most of her life. It wasn’t until 2014 that Jacky moved, heading to Vancouver to pursue acting. The move was meant to help her kickstart her career, and it’s certainly paid off. Thus far, Jacky has stuck mainly to projects that are being filmed in Canada. It remains to be seen if she’ll make another career move, this time to Hollywood.

2. She started acting after ending a long-distance relationship

While Jacky always loved art, and acting in particular, it wasn’t until a break-up that she decided to pursue acting. The end of an important, long-term relationship was what encouraged Jacky to devote herself fully to an acting career. After her break-up, the actress moved to Vancouver, and the rest is history!

3. She’s a self-described storyteller

For Jacky, her role as a storyteller is just as important as her role as an actress. Jacky often describes acting as just another form of art that she uses to tell stories. That’s why she tries to pick projects that can help the audience discover themselves, and grow as individuals. For Jacky, this artistic aspect of her work is just as important as the practical ones.

4. She’s a fan of hardworking people

Jacky has always looked up to hardworking actors in the film industry. Which is good, since her own career is still in its early stages. Some of her favorite actors include Dwayne Johnson, Anne Hathaway, and Julia Roberts. She’s also a huge fan of Will Smith, citing the actor’s ability to bring happiness to the audience. But Jacky isn’t all talk; she enjoys working hard as well. Not only has she taken up continuous roles since starting her career, sometimes she’s even taken on more than one at a time!

5. She understands the importance of self-care

One thing that Jacky isn’t afraid to talk about is how important it is to take care of yourself. She’s a big proponent of the benefits of self-care as a way to stay emotionally healthy. She understands the importance of mental health, and practices hobbies like meditating and writing, to help her relax. She also mentions the importance of taking care of oneself in many of her interviews. Of course, Jacky wants to make sure that her fans feel the love as well. She often posts encouraging messages for her followers on twitter.

6. She used to work in business

Since Jacky is so in tune with her emotions and passion for art, it seems strange to think of her in the corporate world. However, Jacky’s first career-path was actually in business. She was taking classes and working at a consulting firm while living in Toronto. Her intention was to climb the corporate ladder, but she realized that her passion for acting was too strong to ignore. Thankfully, she was able to pursue that passion and realize her dreams.

7. She’s still very young

Despite having acted in quite a few projects, Jacky Lai is still just starting out. It’s hard to tell from her recent accomplishments, but she’s actually quite young. The actress was born in 1994, which means she has a long career ahead of her.

8. She’s a private person

While Jacky is very open about her feelings in interviews, she’s also managed to keep her privacy. She hasn’t shared a lot of personal information about her family or her past, which is probably for the best. It shows how centered she is, in that she knows what’s important to her. But that doesn’t mean Jacky is a secretive person. She’s actually very honest with fans, sharing details about her emotions, her philosophy, and her many acting projects. She also plans to share even more in the future, with her new YouTube channel.

9. She wants to be in a Marvel movie

Like almost everyone else on the planet, Jacky’s dream is to be a Marvel superhero one day. Luckily for her, that dream isn’t too far out of reach. With so many films on Disney’s docket, there are plenty of Marvel movie roles to go around. In fact, she’d be a perfect fit for Karma in any of the future New Mutants films.

10. She’s currently starring in V-Wars

If you’re a new fan of Jacky, be sure to check her out in her latest project, V Wars. The show just debuted on Netflix in December, to a lot of fan buzz. V Wars is about vampires, but don’t expect it to be full of the supernatural. Rather than centuries old curses, vampirism in this show is caused by a virus. In the show, global warming and melting polar ice releases a virus upon an unsuspecting world population. The virus is capable of altering the DNA of the infected, unlocking the vampire trait hidden deep within the human genome. This scientific take on a classic tale allows the show to go in a lot of different directions. In fact, because becoming a vampire is tied to a person’s DNA, each vampire on the show is different. No two vampires on the show feed or act alike, making things complicated for the regular human population. As a whole, expect the show to tease out themes about racism, government control, and prejudice, among others. In the show Jacky plays the ambitious reporter, Kaylee Vo. The character is a strong woman, which Jacky says is what drew her to the role. She also likes how Kaylee’s narrative is independent of that of the male characters.

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