10 Things You Didn’t Know about Jhonni Blaze

10 Things You Didn’t Know about Jhonni Blaze

Do you know who Jhonni Blaze is? Some people are familiar with the name and others not so much, but there’s no doubt that she has plenty of talent. In fact, she’s been able to succeed in a number of different creative realms, despite the fact that she’s had some tough setbacks along the way, some of them of her own making. Below are 10 things about her that you might not already know.

1. She’s a model

Most people that are familiar with her know her through her modeling career. She’s been modeling for several years now, and she’s had a number of different jobs that have allowed her career to skyrocket to the top.

2. She’s often referred to as the Twerk Queen

This isn’t necessarily an endearing nickname, to say the least. With that being said, she’s been granted this nickname for several years now, and she seems to take it with a grain of salt. In fact, she even seems to be rather proud of the fact that people refer to her in this manner.

3. She’s a stripper

Perhaps she’s proud of her aforementioned nickname because she’s not just a model, but also a stripper. She has something of a checkered past and she’s not the least bit afraid to talk about it. The truth is, she seems to have a great deal of pride when it comes to her past. She has even made the statement that it all culminated to make her the person she is today, so she’s okay with it all.

4. She’s been in a number of videos

As you might have guessed by now, some of the videos that she starred in are of a questionable nature. Despite that fact, she’s been in several of them, another area of her life that she owns up to proudly.

5. She starred in the series Love & Hip Hop

Eventually, she landed a spot in the reality series Love & Hip Hop, becoming one of the show’s most beloved stars. This is where her career really started to take off, as people became more familiar with her.


6. Jhonni Blaze isn’t her real name

This probably doesn’t surprise you. There’s just no way that name could possibly be real. However, her birth name is almost as unique. It’s Jzapal Jackson.

7. She started getting into trouble as a teenager

Blaze started getting in trouble with substance abuse and promiscuity at the tender age of 15 years old. This set a course for her that lasted throughout the rest of her teenage years and much of her adult life.

8. She auditioned for Juilliard

Despite her personal struggles, she always had a passion for music and she can play several different instruments. At 17 years old, she made the decision to audition for Juilliard but was summarily rejected. The school is notoriously difficult to get into, but many people pose some questions regarding the reason she was rejected. Some have even speculated that it had nothing to do with her ability as a musician, but with her history of questionable behavior. It’s highly unlikely that anyone will ever know the real reason behind her rejection, as she admits that even she isn’t certain.

9. She’s also a musician

Her musical talent doesn’t stop with her capability to play instruments. In fact, she packs quite a punch as a singer, something that most people started to discover when she released a couple of songs. A lot of people who heard her sing for the first time we’re actually quite surprised. She’s never made a secret of her desire to be involved in music, so it was somewhat well known that she could play a number of different instruments very well. However, she didn’t start singing openly for quite some time, so it wasn’t until she released this pair of songs that people began to take notice regarding her singing ability.

10. She doesn’t have any regrets

Today, she admits readily that she’s made some mistakes in her life but she also says that she’s never regretted doing any of those things. She believes that each person should own up to who they are, both good and bad, and learn from their mistakes. She claims she has done exactly that and that she wouldn’t be the person she is today if she hadn’t gone down certain paths when she was younger.

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