Is the Shakira and Gerard Pique Drama Finally Over?

Is the Shakira and Gerard Pique Drama Finally Over?
Is the Shakira and Gerard Pique Drama Finally Over?

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He’s a pro athlete of the Spanish football variety. She’s a famous Colombian pop star. Together, they were the most adorable couple. Sadly, the Shakira Gerard Pique drama is growing more heated by the day, and everyone is watching their relationship unravel. Join the club if you find yourself equally invested in the Shakira Gerard Pique relationship drama. Here’s everything we know about their relationship, split, and what’s happening with them.

When One Door Closes, Another Door Opens

How did the Shakira/Gerard Pique drama begin? It began in 2010. Shakira was fresh out of a long-term relationship with attorney Antonio de la Rua. They began dating in 2000, and their relationship ended in 2010. Shakira famously told the press that with ten years behind them, they were already a married couple despite never officially marrying. It’s a good thing, too, because this couple called it quits, and she ultimately fired him as her manager. This led to Rua suing the Colombian singer for more than $100 million he felt was rightfully his. A Los Angeles court didn’t agree with Rua and dismissed him and his case. However, things had already heated up for Shakira and Gerard Pique. He starred in her Waka Waka music video in 2010. The song was the official for the FIFA World Cup that year, and he happens to be a football star. The couple began dating in 2011.

The former couple has much in common, including the fact that they share the same birthday. Both were born on February 2. However, Shakira was born on this date in 1977, and Pique was born on this date in 1987. Despite their decade age difference, the couple quickly fell for one another. They welcomed their first of two sons in 2013 and their second in 2015. Milan was born on January 22, 2013. Sasha was born on January 29, 2015. They are almost two years to the day apart in age. For 11 years, the couple kept their relationship private. Even though from 2017 to 2019, they were both involved in financial controversies, they kept their romantic life under wraps.

Is the Shakira and Gerard Pique Drama Finally Over?

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Where Did it Go Wrong?

No one knows what went wrong with this long-term relationship, but the media, the world, and fans alike seem to suspect cheating is the culprit. We’ve seen stories saying the Shakira Gerard Pique drama began when he fell for a 20-something waitress who works for one of his companies. He was allegedly dating a waitress, but it’s been reported that the relationship was short-lived. However, media outlets continue to report that Shakira caught him cheating on her and that she ended their relationship as a result. No one has confirmed this rumor, and no one has spoken out about any infidelities.

News of him potentially cheating began to surface less than a week after the couple’s official announcement. Katrin Zytomierska, a blogger and host, was unhappy with the football star when she saw him in a restaurant. She asked him to greet her son, but he refused, and she uploaded photos of him with a blonde who is not Shakira to her social media account.

The Announcement that Shocked the World

Summer 2022 seemed to start off on a great note for many, but not for Shakira and Gerard Pique. This is when the couple announced their separation. “We regret to confirm that we are parting ways. For the well-being of our children, who are our highest priority, we ask that you respect their privacy. Thank you for your understanding,” is the statement the couple released jointly. Shakira, for her part, has said nothing and made no statements since.

Is the Shakira and Gerard Pique Drama Finally Over?

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Putting the Kids First

Nearly every famous couple who says they are putting their kids first fails actually to put their kids first. Their egos, lives, and needs come first, and their kids do not win in any situation (not all…but many). This is one couple who has already come to an agreement regarding custody. It appears that they will spend half a month with their mother and half a month with their father. Even when Gerard Pique is training and playing football, his own immediate family will keep the kids and help him care for them during work hours. When they are not with their father and his side of the family, they will be with Shakira. It isn’t ideal, but the kids should have time with both parents.

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