Is The Reboot of “The Psychic Kids” a Fake?

Is The Reboot of “The Psychic Kids” a Fake?

The Psychic Kids

Based on the name, some people might expect The Psychic Kids to be fiction. However, it isn’t. Instead, The Psychic Kids is a show that serves to connect adults who claim to have psychic powers with kids who claim to have psychic powers so that the former can serve as mentors to the latter. During its previous run, The Psychic Kids received a total of three seasons that were broadcast from 2008 to 2010. However, the show has now received a revival that will feature some of the participants on its predecessor.

Is The Psychic Kids Fake?

Speaking bluntly, there are a lot of people who believe in the existence of psychic powers, but there is no credible evidence that supports said belief. In fact, considering the sheer interest in psychic powers, this lack of evidence should tell interested individuals pretty much everything they need to know about whether they should consider The Psychic Kids to be real or not. However, should they need further convincing, here are some points for them to ponder:

Real Psychic Powers Would Have Incredible Value

Real psychic powers would have incredible value. For example, someone who could see into the past would be hounded by historians, crime investigators, and a wide range of other interested parties. Likewise, someone who could see into the future would be prized by governments, multi-national corporations, and other entities on that scale, as shown by the millions and millions of dollars poured into data analysis and other processes that are meant to serve much the same purpose. As for someone who could communicate with the dead, well, suffice to say that they would bring about a fundamental change in the human experience because of the implications for ethics, religion, and a hundred thousand other things.

However, interested individuals should be very clear on the fact that the institutions of the world are not flocking to people who claim to have psychic powers. Generally speaking, governments aren’t setting policies on the say-so of psychics; multi-national corporations aren’t entering and leaving markets based on what psychics think would perform best; and the heads of international religions aren’t consulting with psychics about the fate of the human soul. As such, interested individuals should have no problems guessing what most people think about the existence of psychic powers.

Some Very Powerful People Have Investigated Psychic Powers and Related Claims

To a considerable extent, skepticism about psychic powers is based on evidence or rather the lack of evidence that can be used to support a belief in such phenomena. Perhaps unsurprisingly, the incredible value of real psychic powers means that some very powerful institutions have investigated them without fruit, thus explaining their lack of interest in the present time.

In short, when the United States was locked into the Cold War with the Soviet Union, both superpowers looked into psychic powers for the purpose of providing themselves with an edge versus their rival. In part, this was motivated by a real curiosity about whether such phenomena existed or not as well as whether it could be controlled or not if it existed. However, it should also be noted that both sides were egged on by each other’s exploration of the matter for fear of conceding a valuable tool to their rival, which would be very amusing if the circumstances weren’t so very serious. Regardless, the result was very serious people in very serious settings seeking to pull off a wide range of extraordinary feats, with examples ranging from sensing facts about an enclosed room before entering it to stopping the hearts of animals with nothing but their minds. In fact, some people might be familiar with the latter, seeing as how it was the subject matter of the book-turned-movie called The Men Who Stare at Goats.

Having said that, even though considerable resources were spent on the search for psychic powers, nothing ever came of it. No doubt that there are those who believe that just means that the government is keeping a lid on whatever it is that it has uncovered. However, that path lies to the realm of conspiracy theories. In this as in other things, extraordinary claims require extraordinary proof. Unfortunately, in this particular case, such extraordinary proof does not exist.

A Real Psychic Could Be Collecting Large Sums of Money By Demonstrating Their Powers in a Scientific Setting

Of course, there is still plenty of interest in psychic powers. In some cases, this interest shows up in the form of continuing research carried out by governments as well as other entities with that kind of resources. In other cases, this interest shows up in the form of civilian institutions.

For instance, the James Randi Educational Foundation used to have something called the One Million Dollar Paranormal Challenge, which was a promise that it would give a million dollars to anyone who could prove that they possessed a paranormal ability under scientific testing criteria agreed upon by both parties. A number of people have undergone the challenge, but none of them have ever been able to show the existence of a paranormal ability. Even more people have shown some interest in the concept before backing out when they realized that they might actually be asked to demonstrate whatever it is that they have claimed in a neutral setting.

Regardless, the important point is that if someone possessed real psychic powers, they should be rushing to take on this challenge as well as similar opportunities offered by other institutions because it is a sure path to fame, money, and pretty much everything else that they could ever want. Some people might express the sentiment that even someone with real psychic powers would be suppressed by the “scientific establishment,” whatever that might mean. However, it is important to remember that most scientists actually have very strong incentives to overturn the latest consensus in such a dramatic manner, both because it would put their names in the history books and because it would make their careers in an instant. Under these circumstances, the fact that people who claim to have real psychic powers aren’t taking advantage of these opportunities says a lot about their level of confidence in their claims. Something that interested individuals might want to keep in mind when watching The Psychic Kids.

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