Is It Time for a California Dreams Reboot?

Is It Time for a California Dreams Reboot?

Is It Time for a California Dreams Reboot?

Oh, the nostalgia is running thick and heavy, and it’s bringing with it plenty of titles from the 90s and other decades that people might not even remember these days since likely as not, we forgot about them when we hit our late teens and were getting into other, more entertaining pursuits that didn’t involve cheesy teen shows. It’s a fair bet that a lot of people can at least recall parts of California Dreams, which was one of the many teen shows that took place in the 90s and might laugh when they realize that it was likely one of the shows they liked back in the day. Asking for a reboot of this show, however, does feel like it would be asking for something that people are bound to turn their noses up at as they walk away with a laugh. Seriously, it might have been a halfway decent show in its own time, but as of now, there are so many different shows to pay attention to, not to mention the nostalgic returns of several shows that were popular decades ago, that California Dreams would no doubt be something that might elicit more confused looks than anxious fans. But then again, if I’m wrong, as it does happen, then it could be a show that some folks might think is worth bringing back.

The many shows that were deemed good enough to last for multiple seasons back in the 90s are at times best left in the 90s, especially since with those that were actually decent and well-liked, there’s no replacing the stars that made them great. But shows like California Dreams, which starred individuals that didn’t really go anywhere after the show, should probably be left in the past. The unfortunate part is that if someone does get the idea in their head to make this happen, then it probably will. Whether it will last more than a season is hard to say since a lot of shows these days have managed 1 or 2 seasons before they’ve been given the ax, and those that have been successful have still had to struggle a bit with ratings in order to stick around. Nostalgia is great when one thinks about it and when the shows that are brought back because of it are given the kind of treatment that can make them great once again, but if a show wasn’t that good, to begin with, it’s fair to say that bringing it back isn’t going to do that much good since it’s either going to appear as a new show to a lot of people, or it’s going to fail and flop just as much as it did back in the day. California Dreams did manage to stick around for 5 years, but it’s fair to think that people might not remember it that well, if at all, at this point. Digging in the past for shows and movies to bring back has become kind of an exhaustive practice that some folks are likely wanting to see end, but it’s not going to for a while since people are still willing to pay attention to the past and in some cases, past shows and movies can still be entertaining.

It’s not nostalgia that’s the issue, it’s the selection process that dredges up various ideas to see if they’ll stick and be what people want to see. In some instances, such as Saved by the Bell, a lot of people were understandably excited to see the show come back since they enjoyed it immensely when it aired the first time around, and it enjoyed enough success things progressed that it became an iconic part of pop culture that people were sorry to see go. It’s not that way for every show, however, and Calfornia Dreams likely had plenty of fans, but even if it lasted 5 years it still wasn’t something that people were clamoring to see brought back, and it’s easy to think that if the attempt was made to bring it back that it would stand a good chance of being taken off the air again simply because it doesn’t feel like the type of show that would become so insanely popular in this current era. It might track well enough with some folks that want to see more 90s properties brought back, but it still doesn’t have the same effect as other shows that might be on the list of projects to work on.

If this show is brought back it’s going to take a good deal of work to get people interested again, but it’s like that someone has already had the thought and is trying to make it happen. Even when the show ends years earlier it appears that some think that it must go on. Sometimes it might be best just to leave it be.

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