Is it Possible We’ll Be Seeing a Quake Movie in Our Future?

What Kevin Burwick of MovieWeb is saying about a fan drumming interest for a Quake movie could be true, as it might be some fan that is attempting to get people on board for a solo movie that hasn’t even been considered by the MCU yet. The social media ‘leaks’ that tend to occur so often are hard to take seriously largely because given how the MCU tends to keep things close to the vest with various projects it’s hard to believe that this many leaks are possible even if people are doing their best to dig and find out anything they can on future projects. From the perspective of a fan it might appear great that someone is attempting to discover unseen information that the studios don’t want people to know about yet, but it’s a little naive to think that the studio has that many security issues when it comes to their various properties and how much information suddenly ‘slips out’ to the general public. Plus, while it’s easy to understand why people are looking for this kind of stuff, it’s also kind of self-defeating since the more they find out the less of a surprise there is if the rumors are ever substantiated. It’s kind of like hunting for a birthday present in a parent’s room or wherever it’s hidden without having the patience to just wait and see what will come. Eventually everyone starts letting small details slip in order to get people interested, but the fact that so many people aren’t willing to wait and savor that information is kind of hard to deal with.

Of course as it was mentioned above this could be a big ploy to get people to think that a Quake project is coming just to see what kind of reaction it will get, as there’s no guarantee that any movie or show is going to be made until it’s actually on the screen. It could be an interesting movie depending on how it’s played out really, since taking Quake and possibly even the Agents of SHIELD and placing them in a movie would be a flick that a lot of people might like to see. The focus on Daisy Johnson would be something that might have to be handled with care if only because there are still plenty of moviegoers that don’t know that much about her unless they’ve been watching AOS and have seen enough episodes to know what Quake is all about. Still, it would require a good deal of background and might have to be an origin story or something similar in order to really obtain and keep the attention of the audience. The great thing is that Daisy has enough information and detail pertaining to her character that would help the story, but it’s also likely that she would need plenty of support along the way. She’s not as well-established as some of the more popular and much more present heroes that have been kicking around the MCU for a couple of movies, so it’s likely that a lot of people might wonder a bit about her before deciding to go and see the movie.

It’s kind of a moot point at the moment though to be fair since a lot of studios are shutting down for a period of time as people are testing positive for COVID-19 and others are taking precautions to make sure that the virus doesn’t spread. Adam Epstein of Quartz has more to say on this matter. At this point several movies won’t be releasing on time, TV shows that are being highly anticipated are being put on indefinite hold, and even the ideas to come aren’t being given a great deal of attention. It’s entirely possible that someone is doing their best to make sure that one of their favorite characters on AOS is going to see a bigger amount of exposure eventually, but it could also be those in the MCU attempting to gauge just how popular Quake is with the audience as a way to see if making a movie would be worth the effort. If that’s the case then it’s kind of a sneaky trick that, if it works, could be the way to get this character a bit more notice and into the mainstream MCU on the big screen. It’s hard to say how Quake would fare on the big screen really since again, she’s not as well known as a lot of heroes and might not transition quite as well from a TV show to a movie. It’d be worth finding out though.

As of right now it’s going to be hard to say just what is going to happen since the virus that’s had a big hand in nearly shutting down the entertainment industry is wreaking havoc with several shows and even the movies. Hopefully once things get back to where they need to be we’ll hear more on this.

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