Interesting Video From A GoPro Being Lowered Down A Well

Things tend to look a lot different when you shove a GoPro down a well, especially when it hits liquid and continues onward. The faint squelching sound might turn a few people off but in all honesty it has almost the same feeling of a shaky, stuttering Dr. Who intro without the music. Of course when you get to the limestone tunnel that is the basis for this little excursion, something that a lot of people would just nod and accept, you tend to think about other things. You know, about Baby Jessica that fell down a well, about old horror movies that feature monsters down such wells, that kind of thing.

The passage of the GoPro is kind of interesting really since it’s hard to know just what lies beneath anyone’s property without a fully-detailed list of what’s been done to the property over the years and its geological history. There are areas in the world that have been built upon so many times after being razed to the ground that it’s easy to believe there could be entire worlds beneath our feet and we wouldn’t even know about it. Okay, that’s a little fantastical to believe but it’s a writer’s bread and butter sometimes. Think about it, stories like Alice in Wonderland and Journey to the Center of the Earth are predicated upon such ideas. What if there was an entire ecosystem beneath our feet that we knew nothing about and could only glimpse now and again?

This kind of passage leading to such places would be less than optimal obviously but the idea is still interesting enough as we watch the GoPro continually move downward through the scummy water and into the rocky passages that continue to wind about. You can almost think perhaps that you’re watching inspirational footage of something that might lead to thoughts of the Millennium Falcon making its way through the gullet of a space slug as it tries to escape. There are many thoughts that might go through your mind when watching this, some sick and some intriguing. I mean after all we do know that cameras are used to look up people’s backsides and figure out what’s wrong with their internal plumbing. But a lot of us would likely choose to think of something else in this instant.

The limestone tunnels were supposedly about 110 feet down according to the driller that was working on this particular well, which is probably pretty accurate since he likely knows what he’s doing. It’s also fairly typical of some homes that are built over such sites as limestone can purify the water that passes through it and as a result can be very useful. That’s a heck of a depth to have to pull it up from but worth the effort if it means you can drink your own well water after it’s been filtered and sent through the pipes. Clean drinking water is after all something that many homeowners tend to prize even if it’s not a deal breaker when buying a home.

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