New Website Tells You Exactly How Many Abusers are Connected to a Film

November and December of 2017 have been less than stellar months for many men in the world of film and television. With more and more women motivated by the #MeToo movement on social media, men throughout Hollywood are finding themselves in the spotlight again — but this time not for a positive new movie or role, but because they are being forced out or to take an unexpected hiatus.

The Emergency of the “Hollywood Cockroach Nest”

In a recent article published by “Esquire,” the situation was described as the upending of the “Hollywood cockroach nest.” While this may be somewhat of a harsh description, there are many who agree, adding the thought that there are likely more corners of this dark, devious world that need a bit of fumigation. The real problem for viewers now is how to find shows that don’t feature (or that may benefit) one of these parasites feeding on the dark, more nefarious underbelly of Hollywood.

Rotten Apples Comes to the Rescue

Due to the dilemma that many TV and film lovers have had, Rotten Apples has developed a new site that lets you know how ethical a new blockbuster or cult series is. The way the website works is actually quite simple — not to say it isn’t also ingenious. Users can visit the site and simply type in the name of any series or film they would like to see. At this point, a search will be conducted, and the user will be told if any of the alleged abusers or creeps are connected to it in any way, shape or form.

Find Out What You May Not Know

One of the best things about this new website is that you have a way to instantly know whether or not you should support a film, television show or movie. For example, many people may not be aware that “Southpaw” and “The Lord of the Rings” were produced with help from Harvey Weinstein. There is some good news from this site that may seem like a black cloud over some of your favorite movies. “Drive,” along with quite a few others, didn’t come back with hits related to misconduct or allegations of any kind. This means you can watch Ryan Gosling guilt-free while he caves in people’s heads, with the understanding that everyone involved in the making of this movie are really good guys.

The Impact of the Hollywood Purging

The men accused in Hollywood of nefarious, egregious acts against women (and even boys) of all ages make up a vast array of people. There is really no rhyme or reason to the list that has been created. Some of the people on this blacklist include:

  • Celebrity chef Mario Batali
  • Actor Dustin Hoffman
  • Fashion photographer Bruce Weber
  • “Today” anchor Matt Lauer

Unfortunately, the list goes on and on, and there are even few women, such as Melanie Martinez, who have been accused. Now you have a way to know what movies and TV shows are safe to watch, thanks to Rotten Tomatoes.

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