An Impressive Remix Created Using Samples From “The Fifth Element”

Music can be made from just about anything in the entire world.  People have experimented making music with inanimate objects for centuries and for as long as we live people will find and endless supply of resource from which to make sound.  One of the up and coming and popular forms of music making is sampling.  Most samples are used to make remixes and can often be found in hip hop.

However, sampling can be used from nearly every medium imaginable, even movies.  And I’m not talking about the songs from movies.  I’m talking about every sound you can think of.   One such remix that was recently made takes sounds from “The Fifth Element” to make something entirely new.  You have to see and hear this to believe this.  This is ‘The Fifth Element Remix’ a remix created by the folks at Youtube channel Eclectic Method (previously: a bunch of their other remixes) using samples from The Fifth Element.

Check it out below:

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