Ice Age: Collision Course: Saving the World with Crystals and Magnets.

Ice Age: Collision Course: Saving the World with Crystals and Magnets.

Ice Age: Collision Course

I had wanted to see Ice Age: Collision Course when I saw the trailer on television. I was prepared to laugh until I couldn’t breathe. Unfortunately, it didn’t come to that when I was watching the movie. Though there were parts in the film that made me laugh out loud. That, and see what mischief Scrat can get himself into the fifth time around.

The movie opens with Scrat, the resident prehistoric squirrel, like four previous Ice Age movies before it. The nut obsessed squirrel came across an alien spaceship while looking for a place to bury his precious acorn. Of course, when he does find a perfect spot, bad things start to happen. He launched himself into space and after pinballing around the planets that later make up the solar system, he sends an asteroid hurtling toward Earth. Accidentally, of course.

We then see our favorite mammoth Manny (Ray Ramano) play hockey with his daughter Peaches (Keke Palmer). I had thought that Raven Symone would return as Peaches, but maybe she’s too busy or doesn’t want to play the role anymore. I enjoyed the bantering between Crash (Sean William Scott) and Eddie (Josh Peck). These two remind me of Tweedle-Dee and Tweedle-Dum from Alice in Wonderland.

Peaches beat her father at the game and her fiance, Julian (Adam Devine) joins them. Manny secretly dislikes Julian because the wobbly-walking mammoth is marrying his little girl and would take her away from him. She has to leave home sometime, Manny. You can’t protect her forever. Wonder if Diego will ever experience parenthood with Shira (Jennifer Lopez) like Manny and Ellie?

The scene where Buck (Simon Pegg) outsmarted a family of Dromaeosaurs to retrieve a stolen Tricerotops egg. It was set to the tune of the opera song Figaro, which was amusing. I could barely hold in my laughter as the weasel crashed head-first into a giant rock. Serves you right for not watching where you’re going, you crazy weasel!

I also liked the scene where the gang met the Shangri-Lama (Jesse Tyler Ferguson). Seeing Manny, Diego (Denis Leary) and Sid (John Leguizamo) do yoga was laugh out loud hilarious! That and the part where Sid touched a piece of the asteroid that had hit Earth during the fireworks/meteor shower. The sloth, mammoth and saber-tooth tiger all turned into poofy furballs. So funny!

After saving the world from a potential asteroid disaster, Julian marries Peaches. Manny also comes to like Julian after the latter helped send the asteroid away from Earth. Sid is reunited with Brooke (Jessie J) after her youth has been restored. It was also nice to see what Granny (Wanda Sykes) looked like when she was younger. Looking good, Granny!

Overall, the movie was great. I loved the ending where Neil deBuck Weasel (Neil deGrasse Tyson) explained how Mars was once a habitable planet that looked like Earth. Then Scrat had to swoop in and turn it into the red planet that we know today. Oh, Scrat. You never do anything halfway, do you?

Photo via Twentieth Century Fox Animation

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