How Would the Gang From Seinfeld Handle the Pandemic?

How Would the Gang From Seinfeld Handle the Pandemic?

It’s very easy to think that we’re exhausting every avenue of thought slowly but surely as the pandemic wears on, but wondering what our favorite TV characters might do if their shows had covered the pandemic is kind of interesting since it brings up a few thoughts about what might happen and who would react in which way. Obviously some characters have such big personalities that they’d react in a way that would be seen as stereotypical for them and would probably fall into one of several categories since everyone is dealing with the pandemic in their own way, some effective and some, well, not quite as much. But to think how they would react, how they would handle the stress, the changes in routine, and the overall understanding that they couldn’t go where they wanted and do what they want at all times it does feel as though the Seinfeld crew would behave in certain ways that might be kind of hilarious since anyone that’s watched the show knows that in any given situation the characters in this show are bound to act in some crazed, neurotic way that will be deemed amusing and possibly hilarious but would be deemed a bit awkward in real life.

Here’s what we think might happen with the main cast and how they would handle the pandemic.


Jerry might actually enjoy the social distancing as he could perform his comedy show on YouTube where he could gain thousands of followers and is still be a thriving comedian. Having learned the value of GrubHub he would only need to step out of the house every so often to get supplies, and he’d become just fine with wearing his mask for a short period of time to get what household items he required. Jerry might miss heading to the diner and seeing his friends from time to time, but overall he would take the quarantine with a lot of grace and learn to love the internet and what it could do for his comedy routine. In fact, he might even create a mock setup in his apartment to make his YouTube show look even more professional so as to draw in more viewers.


Elaine might not take the quarantine so well and could very well adopt the ‘Karen’ moniker since she’s not the type to back down for anyone or to conform to what anyone wants of her. The whole mask issue might be a sticking point for Elaine since she would feel the need to let people know exactly what she thinks and might have trouble with the social distancing considering her penchant for telling people to ‘get out’. There would likely be a few confrontations on Elaine’s behalf simply because she doesn’t always know when to stay silent and loves to be able to tell people what she thinks at any given moment. This might be a problem however in a society where conveying what you feel through a mask isn’t always the easiest thing. If the Soup Nazi was still in business at this point, Elaine might be going hungry.


Oh, poor George. Or rather, poor anyone that had to get within a hundred yards of George. One would think that he was neurotic enough before the pandemic, but with a disease on the loose and such a big deal being made with masks and society starting to feed on itself and…yeah, you get the point. George would be wreck most times, even worse than before since the pandemic would give him so much more to worry about. But the worst thing for George is that his father was he still alive would have likely kept him from even entering the house given the fact that the elderly are more at risk than just about anyone. If the pandemic didn’t stress George out it would be something else. That’s the point with George, the world could be ending and he would still stress about something else.


Kramer might be the king of online services, as he could very well find a way to earn money and spend as much as he makes while online and never leaving the comfort of his home, save to make an occasional entrance such as only he can make. As far as social distancing goes he might have a bit of an issue since he enjoys being around people at times no matter how many argue the opposite. But for Kramer, the pandemic would be a time to try even more new things and make the best of it as he continues to push for new and innovative ways to be as eccentric and as odd as possible.

Not all of these feel spot on, but they feel like good guesses. Face it, no one in the real world could have honestly answered what we would do in a pandemic.

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