7 Best Female Villains in TV Shows

There are some fictional characters that you just love to hate . Certain female villains from legendary TV shows are the perfect example. They’re just so nasty, smart, and witty that they make your blood boil.

Even though they make you mad, they are pretty much iconic. Whether that’s because of their phenomenal backstories or strong character arc, some female antagonists have become TV legends. So here are the top seven best female villains in TV shows.

1. Georgina Sparks from Gossip Girl

Georgina Sparks Gossip Girl

One of the best female villains in television history is Georgina Sparks from Gossip Girl. Played by the talented Michelle Trachtenberg, Georgina’s character is the classic case of a female antagonist you love to hate. She wasn’t a series regular nor one of the main cast members, but she stole the show every time she showed up. Toxic, narcissistic, and manipulative, Georgina is the ultimate female villain and will forever be remembered for her schemes.

2. Cersei Lannister from Game of Thrones

Cersei Lannister from Game of Thrones

Another phenomenal female villain is definitely Cersei Lannister from Game of Thrones (played by Lena Headey). Some might say she’s just a protective mother, while others refer to Cersei as pure evil. No matter what you call her, she is definitely a powerful and strong woman with very toxic manipulative tendencies. She won’t stop until she gets her way, making her one of the strongest female antagonists on television.

3. Katherine Pierce from The Vampire Diaries

Katherine Pierce from The Vampire Diaries

Katherine Pierce from The Vampire Diaries is another ruthless and unstoppable female villain (portrayed magnificently by Nina Dobrev). You love her because of her enormous survival instinct, but you hate her for everything she does along the way. There are many layers to her personality, though, which is another reason why fans love her so much. But we can’t deny that she is straight-up evil, having killed thousands of innocent souls who dared to get in her way.

4. Villanelle from Killing Eve

Villanelle from Killing Eve

Just like her name suggests, Villanelle from Killing Eve is another brutal female villain. Played by the phenomenal Jodie Comer, Villanelle is a nuanced psychopath and cold-hearted killer. She is merciless and even finds joy in her assassinations. The most powerful thing about her? Her classy fashion sense and playful attitude. While it’s true that she has a dark charisma and child-like mentality, this is exactly what makes her seem so scary – you never know what she’s capable of.

5. Regina Mills from Once Upon A Time

Regina Mills Once Upon A Time - female villains

Once Upon a Time brought many iconic villains to life, but Regina Mills, aka Evil Queen from Snow White (played by Lana Parrilla), is one of the most powerful ones. She is very scary, unpredictable, and ruthless. She’s multi-layered, so fans loved every bit of her complex character arc. Even though her character redeems herself by the end of the show, Regina still deserves a spot on the list of best female villains.

6. Claire Underwood from House of Cards

Claire Underwood from House of Cards - female villains

You can’t talk about female TV villains without mentioning the one and only Claire Underwood (portrayed by Robin Wright) from House of Cards. She’s obviously extremely intelligent, ambitious, and determined. Just like her husband, she is hungry for power and won’t stop at anything to get to the top. The scariest thing about her character is that she’s very believable and human, making you doubt everyone around you, especially politicians and authority figures. Claire is definitely the type of character you love to hate and can’t get enough of – but strictly only on television.

7. Sue Sylvester from Glee

Sue Sylvester Glee - female villains

Sue Sylvester from Glee (played by Jane Lynch) is one of the most memorable TV antagonists in television history. She’s the type of person to give you tough love when you least want it. Even though her leadership methods are questionable and very strict, they turn out to be effective for the cheerleaders. She is often straight-up evil, especially because of her judgmental attitude, vicious comments, and constant scheming. Still, Sue remains one of the most iconic villains in TV shows, mostly because of her completely wacky and unique personality.

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