Snowfall Season 5 Episode 9: “Departures” Recap

Snowfall Season 5 Episode 9: “Departures” Recap

Snowfall Season 5, episode 8 was a crucial episode for Franklin Saint’s character as he was finally forced to look at the man in the mirror and hold himself accountable for the things he had done to hurt the people closest to him in his pursuit of money. Louie and Jerome made a major move to secure their future by making a deal with Teddy to purchase their product directly from him, cutting out Franklin as the middle man. Louie’s plan to kill Kane was set in motion. In Snowfall Season 5, Episode 9, Jerome and Louie are in complete marital bliss following their LSD wedding that took everybody on a wild ride. Although it’s nice to see them happy and lost in their romance, things are heating up around them. It’s only a matter of time before the harsh reality of life starts to “rain on their parade.”

Detective Bo Buckley finally made his move against Kane. Buckley and his partner pulled up at the gambling hall where Kane and his boys were hanging outside. According to the story he recounts for his lieutenant after the shooting there had been a anonymous tip that suggested that someone was selling drugs at the hall. As we saw in the flashback, Buckley and his partner wasted no time in drawing out his weapon and shooting at Kane and his boys who immediately take off after the first shot.

All of Kane’s associates are gunned down, Buckley’s partner is killed in the line of duty and we learn that Kane is fighting for his life in the hospital. It’s rare that situations like this go as planned. With one job unfinished, Buckley learns that his real job as a policer is on the line. The lieutenant demands that Buckley submit to a drug test before taking his badge, gun and temporarily suspending him while they investigate the shooting.

A functional coke head, there’s no way Buckley will ever pass a drug test and if drugs are detected in his system not only wi he lose his job but he may even go to jail for the shooting. Buckley starts to unravel under the pressure. Louie refuses to give him the other half of the money until Kane dies but she calms him down by promising him to put him on payroll and offering him a home in her business. Leon is furious when he finds out by Kane and he knows that Louie is responsible. When he confronts Franklin to see how he plans on handling the situation, he’s  disappointed at Franklin’s passiveness especially since he was the one that gave Kane his word. The old friends go back and forth on right from wrong. Franklin is at a point in his life where he wants different.

Franklin takes Veronique on a quick getaway trip to clear his mind. They have a heart to heart talk where he admits to feeling like a monster after all the bad things he has done including killing people. Veronique opens up to Franklin about her past. She tells him about a scam that she used to run with her mother when she was 13-year old that ended up killing a man. Veronique reminds Franklin that they can be redeemed by love and by becoming a better person.

Veronique words are timely as we witness the official breakdown of Franklin’s empire which simultaneously tears apart his family in this episode. Louie and Jerome finally tell Franklin that they will buying directly from Teddy, severing the last business tie they had to him. Ninety percent of the revenue Franklin’s business generated came from the territory that Louie and Jerome owned. But that’s not all. To make matters worse they branched out to  Arkansas and St.Louis stealing the expansion plan that Franklin had created. They didn’t just betray Franklin, they put him out of business.

Perhaps if the self revelations Franklin had in the previous episode  came sooner he could have prevented the way things out. Or maybe his family’s betrayal was a blessing in disguise. Either way, flood of peace comes over Franklin and he meets with Teddy to let him know that he’s officially out the game. Teddy tries to get Franklin to reconsider, reminding him of all the money they made together over the years which was $56 million dollars to be exact. But that all came with a hefty price tag such as jail, the death of his father and friend. It also ruined his family.

Now that Franklin has a son in the way and a woman he loves, he much rather build a life with them in peace. Teddy let’s Franklin go and they shake it. Will Teddy and the CIA let Franklin go that easy? Ruben, the man Cissy hired to take out Teddy doesn’t think so. We discover that Ruben and Cissy met in Cuba. His partner found Cissy while she was desperately searching for Alton. Ruben finally challenges Cissy about her decision to involve Franklin. He claims that she believes that she is protecting him but not incriminating but Ruben says that she is putting him jeopardy because once Franklin is no longer useful to the CIA, he’ll be a dead man walking.

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