How Old is John Goodman?

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One of the most commonly asked questions on the internet is how old is John Goodman? The talented actor rose to fame decades ago thanks to his comic wit and his ability to become the most relatable character in a series or movie. He’s probably most famous for his role as Dan Conner on the hit show Roseanne, but also for voicing the iconic Sulley in the Monsters Inc. movie. He’s a star through and through, and his fans want to know more about him. For example, how old is John Goodman, and what is his net worth?

How Old is John Goodman?

John Goodman is 70 as of 2022 and will turn 71 in the summer months of 2023. He was born on June 20, 1952, in a small town called Affton, which is located in Missouri. His childhood was not an easy one. John Goodman lost his father when he was a toddler. His name was Leslie Goodman, and he died of a heart attack when his son was only two. It was a terrible time for the family. His mother, Virginia, worked hard to support her family following her husband’s untimely death, and life was often difficult. She worked as a waitress to make money. She also worked in the retail sector, and she did laundry to try and make ends meet.

To make matters worse for his family, John Goodman was not an only child. His mother was left to support three children. His older brother is 14 years older than he is, so he was 16 when their father died. However, his mother was only three months pregnant when she lost her husband, and she gave birth to a daughter six months after becoming a widow. Life was lonely for Goodman, with a father who was gone, a brother who went to college right after, and a mother who worked all the time. He was bullied in school, and things just did not come easy for the little boy who would later become one of the world’s most talented actors.

credit: The Conners

What is John Goodman’s Net Worth in 2022?

Despite his rather sad childhood story, John Goodman did not do poorly for himself as an adult. John Goodman’s net worth as of 2022 is an estimated $45 million. He’s one of Hollywood’s most beloved actors, and he’s done well for himself. Despite being bullied, lonely, and living with a mother whose life did not turn out as she thought when she married her husband, he defied the odds.

Did John Goodman Always Want to Act?

Here is where John Goodman’s life becomes even more interesting. He did not always want to act. He was an athlete. During his high school years, he played football. He was good, too. His size allowed him to take advantage of his talent, and he earned a scholarship to Missouri State University. Sadly, an ACL injury prevented him from ever playing. He didn’t get to play college sports despite being part of the team, but he did make up for it by locating the university theater program. He focused on that throughout his college years, and it paid off for him.

Is John Goodman Married?

Yes, John Goodman is married. His wife is Annabeth Hartzog. They met in Louisiana at a Halloween party back in the 80s. They began dating, got engaged, and finally married in 1989. Goodman and his lovely wife are the very proud parents of a daughter, Molly Goodman, who grew up to follow somewhat in her father’s footsteps. She is not an actress, but she does work in the film industry as a production assistant. She’s aware of how the industry works thanks to her father’s successful career, and it’s given her an edge when it comes to learning the fine details of making a movie or show.

credit: The Conners

Did You Know John Goodman Struggles with Alcoholism?

Though his life has changed for the better since his childhood, John Goodman is not free of all demons. There is so much proof of the fact that no matter how much money, how much fame, and how much success you have, people struggle. John Goodman struggles with not only his weight but also with alcoholism. He knew that his situation wasn’t ideal, and he worked hard to recover. We are so thankful for him to say that he’s been working hard since 2007 to maintain his sobriety, and he has. To this day, he concentrates on attending an AA meeting daily. He prefers morning, but we don’t think it matters as long as he is happy about his progress and the way he’s living his life now. He’s thriving, and it’s all good.

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