Unveiling the Salaries of American Pickers’ Cast Members

American Pickers

Reality shows often face accusations of being staged, and “The American Pickers” is no exception. Some viewers claim that the items found on the show are planted and that the negotiations are scripted. Regardless of the authenticity debate, the show remains entertaining and has successfully filmed over 20 seasons. With such a popular show, it’s natural to wonder how much the cast members earn. Let’s dive into their salaries.

Frank Fritz: The Passionate Antique Collector

Frank Fritz may be a familiar face on “The American Pickers,” but his celebrity status hasn’t shielded him from negative publicity. He has faced legal issues, including an arrest for driving under the influence and a dispute over a polarimeter sale. Despite these setbacks, Frank has managed to earn a substantial income from the show, reportedly making about $500,000 per season.

Frank’s passion for collecting antiques began at a young age, and the show has allowed him to turn his hobby into a lucrative career. Before joining the series, Frank worked as a firefighter and fire inspector, earning an average salary of around $46,870 per year. Now, he receives $10,000 per episode and has a net worth of approximately $5 million according to Hollywood Mask. In addition to the show, Frank owns an antique shop called Frank Fritz Find and has authored a book on vintage motorcycles.

Mike Wolfe: The Antique Archaeologist

Mike Wolfe is another key figure on “The American Pickers.” He has been collecting antiques for over 25 years and started his business, Antique Archaeology, in 2000. Mike and Frank attended the same high school and have known each other for years, but Mike insists that they were never business partners. Despite the confusion surrounding their partnership, Mike has become synonymous with the show.

Mike’s journey to television was not easy, as his initial attempts to land TV deals were unsuccessful. However, his luck changed when he signed a contract with the History Channel. Like Frank, Mike earns about $500,000 per season and has a net worth of $5 million. He also guest stars on other television shows, such as NCIS, where he appeared in one episode as himself. Mike’s antique shop, Antique Archaeology, attracts numerous visitors daily.

Danielle Colby: The Energetic Manager

Danielle Colby brings an infectious energy to “The American Pickers.” She was asked to manage Antique Archaeology by Mike Wolfe, which led to her joining the show. Although her rise to fame was quick, it came at the cost of her first marriage. Danielle’s salary is not as high as Frank’s or Mike’s, as she reportedly earns about $54,837 annually according to Reality Star Facts. Initially, the History Channel was hesitant to include Danielle in the show, as their contract was only with Frank and Mike.

Despite earning less than her co-stars, Danielle’s salary is higher than that of other employees at Antique Archaeology. Her job involves managing budgets, creating business plans, and finding buyers for the antiques. Danielle and Mike have been friends for over 20 years, which explains why he entrusted her with the business. Although rumors have circulated about their relationship, they maintain that they are just best friends.

In addition to her work on the show, Danielle is a talented burlesque dancer and has performed with a professional dance group in Iowa and Illinois. She also owns a clothing boutique in Chicago and was once part of a roller derby team. However, she left the team due to injuries. Danielle’s passion for dance and the arts has allowed her to build a successful career both on and off the screen.

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