Netflix’s Luke Cage: From Streaming to BluRay Steelbook

Netflix’s Luke Cage: From Streaming to BluRay Steelbook

Netflix’s Luke Cage: From Streaming to BluRay Steelbook

The Streaming Revolution

Traditional TV networks are no longer the bread and butter of American television. Increasingly, the best TV is being released online first: often as not exclusively through a proprietary streaming service that, if you’re not subscribed to, you miss out.

Hulu, for instance, has The Handmaid’s Tail. Based on the novel of the same name, the celebrated series explores what it’s like living under the oppressive thumb of a slightly more invasive patriarchy than Americans currently live in.

Netflix’s Luke Cage: From Streaming to BluRay Steelbook

Amazon, to name another example, has the acclaimed series The Man in High Castle, based on the novel of the same name which postulates what would have happened if the Nazis won World War II, as well as The Tick, a superhero parody based on the comic and TV adaptations of its titular character. It’s even gaining notoriety for its original-produced films, such as Manchester by the Sea, which was nominated for Best Picture at the last Oscar Ceremony (and won Casey Affleck his overdue Best Oscar statue). And if you don’t subscribe to Amazon Strike, forget about its first-run anime that you won’t find anywhere else this side of the Pacific, like the exceptional Re:CREATORS.

Netflix: The Reigning Monarch of Streaming

Without question, though, Netflix is king among these streaming services. Whereas others have a few films or series to their name — or supplement their lack of truly original programming with exclusive distribution rights to existing material — Netflix has an extensive (not to mention exclusive) library of original content. When you are the sole purveyor of Stranger Things, House of Cards, Orange Is the New Black, Bill Nigh Saves the World, Castlevania, Fuller House, The Magic Schoolbus Rides Again, Neo Yokio, Daredevil, Jessica Jones, Luke Cage, Iron Fist and The Defenders, there’s not much that anybody else can do to catch up with you.

Netflix’s Luke Cage: From Streaming to BluRay Steelbook

Luke Cage: From Netflix to BluRay

Thankfully Netflix isn’t content just to keep these series exclusively on their streaming service. Not everybody has Netflix, after all, as much as I’m sure that Netflix would prefer the idea to be true. And you’re leaving a lot of money on the table if you stick exclusively to streaming.

So even if you don’t subscribe to Netflix, you too can soon enjoy the critically lauded Luke Cage in all of its televisual glory in the near future. The series hits BluRay — including an absolutely gorgeous-looking Steelbook — on November 27, presumably with all of the fanfare and bonus features that people have come to expect from their physical media.

Netflix’s Luke Cage: From Streaming to BluRay Steelbook

A Glimpse into the World of Luke Cage

The series follows its title character, Luke, as he tries to carve out a working-class living for himself in Harlem. After being framed for a crime that he didn’t commit, Luke was subjected to an uncaring justice system that illegally experimented on its wards. As a result, Luke gained invulnerable, bullet-proof skin and super strength, which he leveraged into a successful prison break.

On the run from the law, the last thing that he wants to be is a superhero; not only is the pay bad, but he can’t afford the publicity that goes hand-in-hand with the profession. But when Harlem becomes a hotbed for gang activity, he, detective Misty Knight and Daredevil regular Claire Temple need to band together to save the soul of Harlem.


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