Bojack Horseman And Their Take on Airport Security

No one really likes airport security but Bojack Horseman and the show’s take on it seems to be what a lot of us would agree with. It’s kind of a pain in the butt despite being necessary since you don’t want someone coming through trying to smuggle the latest tech that happens to double as the kind of weapon that can take down an airliner. That seem to be one of the biggest problems to date is that as good as security gets there’s always going to be ways around it that tend to make it obsolete. Or in this case there are going to be celebrities that think they’re somehow above the need to go through these kind of checks.

Like it or not airport security is meant to be a positive thing, though it does seem like it gets out of control sometimes. The random checks and the security measures taken for those that might seem like they’re trying to get something by are a bit crazy since despite the very real threat that airports face at times the likelihood of some of their checks bringing up anything other than absolutely nothing is kind high. But then again, they do the checks to keep people safe not inconvenience them, right? It doesn’t always seem that way. Of course if you’re traveling it’s usually a good idea to just go ahead and keep in mind what kind of things are okay to bring with you and what should be left at home. Unless you’re going to some far flung wilderness where you can’t purchase the amenities that you’d like to have with you then most of the time you should be okay for the duration of your flight.

It’s also a good idea to show up as early as you can, usually no more than two hours or so, to check in for your flight. These days most airports have enough space and diversions to occupy your time before the flight takes off, and a good book or a device is always a sound idea since airports have an abundance of charging stations and outlets so that your battery never runs dry. If you’re not a reader and don’t want to play around on your device for that entire time then there’s usually a good number of cafes, restaurants, or other things to look at and do in airports that don’t require much, if any, effort. If anything it requires that a person be patient, try to understand how security works, and just look to comply with the people that are trying to make sure that everyone gets through safely and without any added difficulty.

One thing to know about flying is that airport security is basically the key into the main terminal. You’ll need your ticket and whatever carry-on you’re bringing, and it will have to conform to code. If there’s anything in the bag that looks suspicious then security will have you take it out. They might search the bag anyway just to be sure. The most important thing to remember is to be polite and follow the rules, otherwise the snapping of the rubber glove gets a little ominous.

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