How Jack Osbourne Has Become a True Inspiration for Everyone

How Jack Osbourne Has Become a True Inspiration for Everyone

Anyone remember what Jack Osbourne was like when we first got to see him on TV? It’s easy enough to find on Wikipedia that he was kind of a train wreck since by the time he was a teenager he was drinking heavily and experimenting with harder substances that often left him rather messed up and in constant trouble. Eventually it go so bad that he had to check himself into rehab so that he could get some much-needed help. In all honesty he was headed in a very bad direction that didn’t hold any real future for him and might have been the end of this young man if he hadn’t seen just what was happening.

As of now though Jack has been doing quite well and has turned his life around in a big way. He’s been a pretty big inspiration as of late since not only did he turn his life around but he’s also been on a pretty big tear with his own career as he’s been pushing himself to do one thing after another that’s both positive as well as beneficial to his reputation. There have been a few bumps along the way of course and his separation from his wife, Lisa Kelley, would be one such moment. Lucy Needham at the Mirror was able to give a pretty solid reason why they split up. Unfortunately for the couple the tensions that had been building between them for a while were unable to be quelled by therapy, and the facts had to be faced that it was time to call it quits. Thankfully though they did end the relationship amicably and still remain close friends to this day. As though splitting with his wife wasn’t enough though, TMZ reported on the attack that Jack suffered from a homeless individual that sucker-punched him from behind and then ran. It’s bad enough that someone would think to punch another person without warning and from behind, but it couldn’t have come at a worse time.

It’s fair to say that Jack has come a long way from being the troubled teen that people saw him as for so long and he’s turned his life around in a manner that has put him in a much better light than people remember. The Osbourne’s were at one time seen as a family that was fun to look at and watch simply for the gag reel. It was fun at the time and it actually seemed to get a lot of views that turned their family into something that was more of a spectacle than anything. But as he and his sister have grown they’ve both showed a depth to their characters that some people didn’t think was possible. Thankfully they’ve surprised us and at this point he’s become someone that a lot of people look up to for a variety of reasons. With Jack it’s largely because of what he’s been through in his life in the last decade, as he was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis in 2012. As a some might know and understand, MS is not a polite condition and it does disrupt a person’s life in a variety of ways. Ingrid Strauch of Everyday Health managed to get Jack to open up about it during her article and what he revealed was actually kind of inspiring considering how long he’s been living with it now.

What’s great is that because of who he is and what he’s done in his life Jack has a very strong platform from which to speak about this and inform others as much as he can. It might seem kind of odd to think that so few people know that much about MS, but quite honestly if a person doesn’t have to worry about it they tend not to think about it. That’s the privilege of not having to deal with such a disease, but it’s still wise to learn about things since MS can unfortunately strike when one least expects if their family happens to have a history of it. The fact that Jack has been dealing with this for so long and is still able to put a positive spin on it after what he’s gone through is very inspiring since it shows that life can continue and that it doesn’t have to be considered the end in any way. Jack has also been seen as a TV celebrity for a while now and thanks to this he’s able to get his message out while increasing his reputation and bringing to light just what he thinks about the subject and how others can educate themselves.

It’s kind of funny to think that the foul-mouthed kid that was such a walking punch-line at one time turned out to be this impressive human being, but it’s also very inspirational and shows that anyone can change in some of the best ways.

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