How an 11-Year Old Girl Used Law and Order SVU to Foil a Kidnapper

How an 11-Year Old Girl Used Law and Order SVU to Foil a Kidnapper

How an 11-Year Old Girl Used Law and Order SVU to Foil a Kidnapper

Who says TV can’t teach people anything? Looking at this case though it does feel like an instant when everything simply came together since the 11-year old girl, Alyssa Bonal was quick on her feet and forceful enough to avoid becoming a statistic when she foiled a kidnapper recently. One might be able to credit Law & Order: SVU or they could just say that Alyssa is a tough young girl since when a man attempted to kidnap her it sounds as though Alyssa was more than ready to throw hands, and feet, and even slime since she marked her attacker with a blue dye that was in the substance she smeared on him. Not too long after, the man was arrested for attempted kidnapping and identified by the blue dye that she’d smeared on him. How smart is that? Let’s be honest here and say that Alyssa definitely deserves praise for her quick thinking, but it’s also important to acknowledge that the situation played out exactly as it needed to for her to not only beat back her attacker and get away but also make it obvious who the guy was should he be caught again. It could have been a once-in-a-lifetime event, and hopefully, it is given that no one wants to be the victim of a kidnapping, but Alyssa is to be commended for her ability to think quickly. In fact, Mariska Hargitay, Olivia Benson herself, reached out to speak to Alyssa and state how proud she was of her and that she was very impressed. The blue slime bit was kind of different but it worked obviously and helped to prevent the man from remaining on the loose where he could have continued to make one kidnapping attempt after another.

Quite a few of the things that a person could learn on SVU are the type of things a lot of parents might not want their kids to know about just yet, but in this case, the quick thinking of young Alyssa was impressive since it’s not hard to think that a lot of kids might scream and thrash, but fighting back in this manner is enough to make a person say ‘wow’. The unfortunate reality is that a lot of people when confronted in such a manner or blatantly attacked, will freeze as their fight or flight reflex tries to assimilate everything that’s happening. By that time though a determined aggressor can do a lot, especially if they’re properly motived to cause trouble and mayhem on a scale that allows them to react quickly and without compunction. One thing that’s very easy to wonder about though is how Alyssa was prepared for this and whether she’d been prepped for such a situation. There’s no illusion that she was trained to go watching for trouble, but there is the wonder as to whether or not she was trained to simply react like this without hesitation, and whether or not this is something her parents trained into her or if she did it on her own. The reaction time is impressive and amazing, to tell the truth since as I mentioned, a lot of people, kids especially at times, will freeze when someone attacks them. But it sounds as though Alyssa was teeing off on her attacker and was even smart enough and in the right frame of mind to mark him before making her getaway. That’s impressive enough to make someone wonder if she had prior training for such a situation.

It would be kind of sad to think that any kid might need this, but it’s far better for a person to be trained on how to react when being attacked than to freeze and allow their attacker to do pretty much anything they want. Too many people fall victim to those that catch them off guard when they don’t know how to react or how to become the aggressor. It feels easy to say that this young woman was training herself or had found training in some form to prepare her for this since a lot of times this kind of behavior doesn’t come naturally. It’s very possible that Alyssa’s fight or flight response favored the fight aspect and she just went berserk, but the spreading the slime makes it clear that some part of her mind hadn’t shut off since she had the presence of mind to do something that required a bit of training and memory. That’s why this sounds as though it was something she was watching for, which again, is saddening since people do need to keep an eye out these days for those that are willing to do them harm. But big props to Alyssa on this one since she showed at least one kidnapper that not everyone is an easy target.

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