Donald Trump Enticed Golf Club Guests to Sit in on Cabinet Member Interviews

Donald Trump Enticed Golf Club Guests to Sit in on Cabinet Member Interviews

So not only did our President not really care about going through a National crisis and virtually sharing classified information during a dinner where civilians were recording it and sharing it to social media, apparently Donald Trump encourages such behavior.   Politico just released this 100% confirmed audio of Donald Trump in November speaking to other members of his golf club in Bedminster

“We’re doing a lot of interviews tomorrow – generals, dictators, we have everything. You may wanna come around. It’ll be fun. We’re really working tomorrow. We have meetings every 15, 20 minutes with different people that will form our government. We’re going to be interviewing everybody – Treasury, we’re going to be interviewing Secretary of State,” he continued. “We have everybody coming in – if you want to come around, it’s going to be unbelievable….so you might want to come along.”

This is all part of a 13 minute recording that the political outlet released today.   As Politico notes, Trump is spending his third straight weekend at his Palm Beach resort and “Winter White House” Mar-a-Lago, which the New York Times just today described in an investigation as, “a kind of Washington steakhouse on steroids…where members and their guests enjoy a level of access that could elude even the best-connected of lobbyists.”

There are no words.

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