The Hot Lava Challenge is the Coolest Fitness Trick I’ve Ever Seen

The Hot Lava Challenge is the Coolest Fitness Trick I’ve Ever Seen

I can honestly say that I will never, ever been in good enough shape to do this let alone even attempt it.  But for those of you cross fit people out there you might be familiar with what the “hot lava challenge” is.  For those of you like me who would prefer to sit on the couch and eat an entire half gallon of ice cream in one sitting, this will still be fun to see. Hot lava (or the floor is lava) is a game, usually played by children, in which the players imagine that the floor or ground is made of lava (or any other lethal substance, such as acid or quicksand), and thus avoid touching the ground lest they get burned or otherwise injured.

But the exercise version is way cooler.  In the adult version of “hot lava” two people must essentially climb on top of one another and make it around them in a full circle without touching the ground.   So each person gets a turn.  It’s incredibly difficult for both parties.  The climber has to balance themselves on the person standing there and the person standing there needs to use all their strength to stay still.

Check out what it looks like below.  If you can do this, you’re in sick shape.

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