Hoarders: Five Interesting Where are They Now? Stories

Hoarders Stories

Anyone who has ever seen an episode of Hoarders would probably agree that it’s one of the most intriguing shows on the air. Each episode of the show follows a person who suffers from compulsive hoarding disorder. Due to this condition, they are unable to get rid of even the most minuscule items.

However, this goes beyond just holding on to old trinkets and clothes that no longer fit. Many of these hoarders live in complete filth, surrounded by rotting food, feces, and sometimes dead animals. The goal of the show is to help people clean out their homes while also assisting them in developing new habits.

When the show ends, viewers are left wondering if the person was actually able to maintain their new level of cleanliness. Fortunately, A&E released several updates on some of the show’s most memorable people. Keep reading to see five interesting “where are they now?” Hoarders stories.

1.  Patricia – Season 10

As you can imagine living with a hoarder probably isn’t the most pleasurable experience. Needless to say, hoarders often have very strained relationships with the people in their lives, and Patricia was no exception. When she appeared on the show during Season 10, hers was one of those Hoarders stories that was shocking.

To make matters worse, Patricia owned not 1 – but 3 homes. Her boyfriend, Bill, had gotten increasingly frustrated with her hoarding habits. This worsened during filming when Patricia continued to refuse to throw things out. Although her home was significantly less cluttered by the end of the episode, it appears that she wasn’t able to abandon her old ways. A Facebook post revealed that Patricia began hoarding again. Facebook also noted that she passed away in 2020, and her daughter sold many of her items on Facebook Marketplace.

2. Sandra – Season 9

Even for people who aren’t hoarders, it’s clear that the more things involved, the more space is needed. For hoarders, however, this is taken to the extreme. During Season nine, Sandra Cowart became a prime example. She lived in a four-story 31-room mansion that was completely full of stuff.

When the episode aired, it became one of the most talked-about in Hoarders history. Ultimately, Sandra ended up losing the house, but the new owners agreed to let her finish cleaning her stuff out. The house has since been completely restored and now operates as a bed and breakfast.

3. Shanna – Season 6

Shanna’s was one of those Hoarders stories that was one of the most shocking the series has ever seen. Some viewers were even brought to tears by the conditions the two women were living in. Not only were they surrounded by a bunch of trash and junk, but they also were also hoarding human waste.

Shanna was eventually dubbed “The Poop Lady” by many viewers. Although it’s unclear exactly what Shanna has been up to since the show, it’s clear that the house she lived in was completely renovated and sold. A Reddit user named Remarkable_Rub_9067 stated that they believe Shanna still lives in Washington.

4. Carol – Season 11

One of the problems with hoarding is that it isn’t just a problem because of aesthetics. It can also be dangerous. For starters, having your home crammed to the ceiling can be a fire hazard. It can also make it impossible for first responders to enter the home in case of an emergency. On top of that, lots of hoarders’ homes are filled with mold due to their inability to clean or remove certain items.

In Carol’s case, her compulsive hoarding became a problem for her husband’s health. Still, Carol was not interested in throwing things away. Although the three-story mansion had been decluttered by the end of the episode, Dave and Carol didn’t really get their happy ending. Dave passed away shortly after filming, and Carol ended up losing the house.

5. Nathan – Season 9

Nathan started hoarding when he was a teenager. Like most people, the habit initially developed as a way to cope with difficult things he was dealing with. However, by the time he appeared on the show, he was 34 years old and living in squalor. Not only did he resist throwing anything away during the process, but when the house was finally clean, he wasn’t a fan of the outcome. However, after the initial shock wore off, it appears that Nathan got serious about his recovery. In an update in 2017, he revealed that he had turned his life around. A Twitter profile that appears to belong to Nathan also suggests that he is still doing well.

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