Highway To Heaven Reboot Gets Its First Trailer

Highway To Heaven Reboot Gets Its First Trailer

Highway To Heaven Reboot Gets Its First Trailer

So yes, it looks sappy and carefree and like the type of show that people are going to be into because it’s a balm to their nerves, and really there’s not much else to say about the new Highway to Heaven at this time since it would appear that the show is going to be something that will be reminiscent of the 80s and possibly 90s when such shows were still popular. But given that this is the Lifetime channel and this is the kind of show that is bound to draw in a lot of people that happen to enjoy this type of content, it feels as though it might last for a least a season or two if not longer. The way things are going with shows these days though that’s not a guarantee, though it is likely that it will happen simply because people do need something that’s positive and uplifting so that they can avoid the continual doom and gloom that is constantly presented in the media. Some would probably see this as a welcome back to a show that a lot of folks loved when it was on the air the first time.

Of course, back then it was quite a bit different. The show had to be updated obviously, since keeping it the same would have been impossible given that the two main stars passed away quite a while ago, and it’s fair to state that the audience wouldn’t have been as receptive had the original time period been kept as the setting. Still, it does feel upbeat in a way that feels almost vacuous, though it’s very possible that many would defend the show by stating that it’s all about faith and the power that comes with such faith. In the face of such belief, one has little choice but to move along and find another show to talk about and watch or enjoy the faith-based feeling of this show and hope that it will stick around for a while.

It’s very easy to predict that some folks are going to have something to say about this since the way things are these days one can’t pass by any show without hearing one comment or another about the cast, how it’s based upon a show or movie that came before, and how fans of the original have something to say about the new idea. In a big way it does feel as though not much that’s said should be applicable to this show unless it’s comparing the differences from a completely objective standpoint since yes, the original show was a bit different since it was a product of its times, much as this show is bound to be. That’s one thing that many people don’t tend to pick up on quickly enough since the shows and movies from decades before have been actively condemned by many individuals that weren’t even alive when said shows and movies were around. Like it or not, those shows and movies back then were a product of the times, and while they weren’t perfect one should turn to the shows of today to remind themselves that neither are the programs we watch now.

No matter how woke or PC the shows of today become, there’s always going to be something that will offend someone in some way, and it’s bound to happen to this show in some way, though it does feel that such an attempt will be easy enough to shrug off simply because no one wants to be the bully that will attack a show that’s mean to deliver the kind of goodwill this program is. Plus, a lot of people aren’t willing to attack anything that might label them as anything overly negative and therefore damage their own reputation, unless of course there’s a good reason for doing so, which could vary from person to person. But if any show is bound to feel protected from criticism that might be too vehement in nature, this would be one of them. The idea of over-criticizing a show such as this is something that might make a lot of people cringe since the backlash to come would no doubt be all kinds of terrible.

With that being said though, virtue signaling is still being given a rather free pass when it comes to entertainment at this time, and those that are all about that PC life are taking full advantage of it as one might guess. Oh well, right? A person has the ability to watch what they want or ignore it entirely, but it feels as though many might tune in to this show just to see what it’s all about and whether or not they can stomach the content. If nothing else, it should be a show that appeals to those that want the world to make sense in some small way.

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