Five Shows to Watch if You Like Preacher

Five Shows to Watch if You Like Preacher

Five Shows to Watch if You Like Preacher

Preacher has proven to be rather popular. For proof, look no further than the fact that it is on its fourth season, which will serve as the finale for the series as a whole. With that said, since Preacher is coming closer and closer to its conclusion, there are bound to be a lot of people interested in similar shows with which to satisfy this particular craving. Here are five shows that people might want to check out if they are a fan of Preacher:

American Gods

American Gods is another show adapted from existing source material. In short, the show is based on a book of the same name that was written by Neil Gaiman, who is well-known in comic book circles as well because of his work on Sandman. Like the name suggests, American Gods takes place in a world in which the faith of humanity has given rise to a wide range of divine figures. However, the changing times have caused a change in the faith of humanity, with the result that these old gods are challenged by the new gods of the new world, thus making for conflict. Caught up in this mess is a man named Shadow, who soon learns that he isn’t quite a mortal man.

Being Human

Being Human was a British show with a very unusual premise. As a result, it could be the perfect choice for someone who is looking for something new and refreshing while still being very much interested in supernatural media. For those who are curious, Being Human stands out because it combines two genres that tend not to be associated with one another in the popular imagination. One of these two genres is a flatshare comedy, while the other is a horror drama. As a result, it should come as no surprise to learn that Being Human is about a ghost, a vampire, and a werewolf living in the same accommodations while striving to blend in with the rest of the population, thus explaining much about the name. In any case, it is a setup that comes packed full of potential sources of conflict. For example, the main cast have to struggle with their own natures, which is a tried and true source of interest for any supernatural drama. Likewise, the main cast have to deal with the potential of being exposed to normal humans, which could have devastating consequences for their future well-being. On top of this, it should also be noted that the various kinds of supernatural entities in the setting are by no means perfectly friendly with one another, thus making for one more source of conflict that can be mined for storytelling potential.


Technically, it can be said that Legion is an X-Men show. After all, it is centered on a character named David Haller, who is the son of Gabrielle Haller and Professor Charles Xavier of X-Men fame. Said individual is notable in that he possessed immense powers but had serious issues with controlling them, not least because he suffered from a very bad case of disassociative identity disorder. With that said, Legion is refreshing in that it doesn’t draw too much on the best-known parts of X-Men material, which come with a lot of baggage to say the least. Instead, while the show is definitely connected with the wider setting that exists in the comic books, it is very much its own thing. Something made possible by the fact that it was permitted to breath. In any case, for people who are interested in shows focused on characters who are struggling to comprehend who they are as well as what they can do, Legion can make for an excellent way to pass some time. This is particularly true if they are fond of a comic book feel, which is very much applicable here as it is in the case of Preacher.


The Devil is a character that has become more and more complicated over time. In the Middle Ages, the Devil tended to be an unpleasant-looking and sometimes outright pathetic figure, which was meant to emphasize the inevitable triumph over him. However, when John Milton came along with his Paradise Lost, the Devil started gaining additional dimensions that would have been unthinkable just a short while before Milton. Certainly, Milton’s Devil was an evil figure whose own failings brought him as well as numerous others to ruin. However, said character was just charismatic enough to leave some readers with the impression that he was the hero of the tale, which is why Milton has sometimes been described as being of the Devil’s party without knowing it. The titular character in Lucifer is based on the comic book version from DC Comics. He is by no means a pleasant figure. However, he has gotten sick of serving as the head of Hell, which is why he steps out of said position so that he can do something else with his life in the mortal world. The result can be entertaining to watch for certain people under certain circumstances, particularly since the show is packed with plenty of supernatural shenanigans.

The Boys

The Boys might be one of the closest shows to Preacher in spite of their seeming differences. This is because The Boys is based on a comic book series written by Garth Ennis, who tends to be best-known for the Preacher comic book series. Story-wise, the titular characters are a clandestine squad that exist for the purpose of keeping superheroes in check, which is apparently necessary in the setting because most of them have let their celebrity status go to their heads. As for the tone, well, suffice to say that Ennis stated at one point that The Boys was supposed to “out-Preacher Preacher,” which was a reference to the level of violence as well as sexuality that characterized the later comic book series. For those who are curious about seeing a more unusual take on superheroes, The Boys might be well-suited for their sense of curiosity.

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