Heroes Reborn Season 1 Episode 7 Review: “June 13th – Part One”

Heroes Reborn

This week on Heroes Reborn, the show started to unravel its big mysteries on the day of June 13, which set what is currently going on in the present into motion. “June 13 – Part One” revealed what and who was really responsible for what happened that day and also featured the return of several old school Heroes characters.

It was really neat getting to see some of our favorite characters from the original series like Mohinder and Angela, along with the great Hiro, as we began to get a better sense of what some of them have been up to since the end of Season 4 back in 2010. I don’t know what it is, but I could honestly listen to Cristine Rose just talk for hours and hours, doing things like reading the phone book or just talking about walls with that great voice of hers. While we don’t get a full recap on what each of these individuals have been up to since 2010, I enjoyed the explanations that we got either way. Plus, it was just so great seeing some familiar faces again. I enjoyed seeing this very matured, yet classic Hiro throughout the whole episode.

I like the twist that Nathan (FKA Tommy) and Malina are siblings and the children of Claire, although I am still trying to wrap my head around her actually being dead. I’m still not buying it, because what if the reason her body didn’t recover was because of Phoebe’s dark cloud thing-y that caused another solar eclipse that prevented all Evos from accessing their powers? If that’s the case, we could still see Claire come back to life and make a little cameo in the end of the season, although with Hayden Panettiere’s current condition in her personal life, it may not be possible, which I completely understand. We all wish her to get well.

However, either way, it was definitely heartbreaking to see Noah saying goodbye, because for once, he wasn’t used to actually having his daughter remain dead. In order to protect the super-children from crazy ol’ Erica, Noah asks Hiro to take the children back in time so that they can be ready for the coming doom and save the world. Now the only question that remains is: who the heck is the father of Nathan and Malina? Could it maybe be Dylan Bruce’s character? I could actually see that being the case because at this point, he is probably not a grown-up version of any character from the original Heroes series, and he is probably not Sylar with a new face. Either way,  just tell us already, Heroes Reborn writers!

While I’m sure we will get more explanations in the upcoming next week’s “June 13 – Part Two,” it was good to finally get to learn more about Luke and Joanne and the son that they lost. Although, since we now that in the present, Luke isn’t a villain per say, I think it’s Joanne that I’m really going to be observing closely next week, because there needs to be almost a bigger factor that makes her turn into the cold self that she is now.

Overall, I was quite happy with “June 13 – Part One” as a whole. Hopefully, the second part will be just as rewarding and enjoyable to watch next week. In the meantime, if you haven’t done so already, check out our exclusive interview with the teleporting time traveler himself, Masi Oka, who plas Hiro Nakamura, by clicking here!

Heroes Reborn airs Thursday nights at 8/7c on NBC.

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