Here’s Who’s Starring in the Lifetime College Admissions Scandal Movie

Lori Loughlin When Calls the Heart

So was there anyone that didn’t think this was going to happen? With Lori Loughlin and Felicity Huffman both awaiting sentencing for the crime of trying to buy their children’s way into school essentially, the College Admissions Scandal movie is being pushed forward by Lifetime without any further ado. Thanks to Bethany Guerrero from ScreenRant we know that Penelope Ann Miller and Mia Kirschener will be taking on the roles of Loughlin and Huffman respectively, and that this will be a fictionalized version of the infamous Operation Varsity Blues as it was dubbed. In some ways it almost seems too kind to fictionalize it since the scandal is something that some think should be an abject lesson in humility for those involved and those that attempted to work the system in such a manner, but then there are those that believe that the two women that seem most prominent in this case have already been knocked down enough. After all both of them have been vilified in a big way for their actions and Loughlin has lost out big time when it comes to her Hallmark career, so it could be that pushing the envelope any further could seem like it’s being a little TOO vindictive. Besides, being fictionalized doesn’t mean the show isn’t going to have the same impact.

It also means that there shouldn’t be any issues with who did or said what when it comes to the movie and whether or not the actions and words are as accurate as can be on the parts of those who actually went through this debacle. It is amusing to think about who they might be casting as the children in this mess since it would be interesting to see how they’re going to play it, whether they act like the innocent victims, such as Loughlin’s daughter who took to blaming her parents for this mess but was more than willing to go to school without merit and without any intention to actually immerse herself in the full experience. That is after all one thing that burns quite a few people when it comes to this mess is the fact that Olivia Jade didn’t really care about the schooling aspect, she just wanted to go and party. Adding more fuel to the fire she even admitted this and went on to say that that she blamed her parents for ruining her life when was completely complicit in the act and knew what was happening. Some might ask why she’s not getting in trouble, but in truth it would seem that she’s taking this more to heart than people might realize since she’s even clapped back at the media as though she stands on a moral high rise and has the clout to make a solid defense.

It’d be easy to snipe away at the Loughlin’s and the Huffman’s of this world all day every day for this kind of act and it would be justified in a way, but after a while one would have to admit that it’s kind of a waste of time. Those that have something better to do with their lives might decide to check out the movie when it releases on Lifetime and those that really don’t care might just go on with their lives, as it seems that this might be the best option. There are times that those who try to work the system are regarded as revolutionaries, heroes even in a certain way, but this isn’t one of those times since quite honestly the manner in which this happened is kind of pathetic really and more than a little saddening since not only did Lori and Felicity screw up along with so many others by trying to simply give their kids a better chance, y’know instead of letting them try to get in on their own merit, but their kids seem to think that they’re not in the wrong whatsoever when it comes to this whole mess, which suggests an even deeper problem that one can only hope will be addressed in the movie. It’s so easy to say that the children of the stars are spoiled and are given everything, but there are those that are made to work for the lives they have despite their easy access to riches and fame. Unfortunately that doesn’t seem to be the case all the time, as this kind of proves.

Some folks might ask why it would mean anything to anyone when a celebrity tries to pull the wool over the eyes of the education system. Well, it could be that education, to some folks, is worth more than the cost of a handful of booze-soaked nights and an experience that has nothing to do with partying on yachts and being a general nuisance to the system. The funniest part of this is that according to Ian Spiegelman of Los Angeles Magazine, Olivia Jade is still the entitled brat she’s been painted as since this mess started. Some folks just never learn apparently.

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