Here’s Who Would be on Ric Flair’s Wrestling Mount Rushmore

Here’s Who Would be on Ric Flair’s Wrestling Mount Rushmore

Ric Flair

All you have to hear is the “Wooo!” and if you’re a wrestling fan then you’ll know just who everyone is talking about or who’s coming down the ramp during a show. Ric Flair is one of the greatest to ever enter the ring since despite being a heel for so long and hardly ever being the kind of face that people want to get behind, he’s still a legend since he’s given the people what they want, a bad guy to root against. Throughout the years a lot of people have come over to Flair’s side simply because he is one of the best wrestlers to ever put on a pair of boots and hit the squared circle. Steve Russell from SE Scoops has even gone on to cite just who Ric Flair would deem worthy of being on his own personal Mt. Rushmore of names that he believes are among the greatest in the industry. You might be surprised to learn about a few of them but quite honestly it would seem that these names are well deserving of a place of such high honor and have earned Flair’s respect in a big way.

Here are the names he selected for this type of honor.

Hulk Hogan

Hogan and Flair have gone toe to toe over the years in a big way. They’ve had some of the biggest matches in history and have been going at one another for so long that it’s hard to imagine how anyone could possibly forget. The unfortunate part about this feud, as Justin Murphy from The Bleacher Report has put it, is that the two men were well into their 40s when the feud really got started, and wrestling had hit kind of a sour note at that point thanks to the big steroid scandal. Hogan and Flair did represent the good and the bad of wrestling, but eventually Hogan went bad as well and Flair kind of had to find a new gimmick.

The Undertaker

It might be odd to think that Andre the Giant isn’t on this list since he did so much for the show and he was a huge influence on everyone else. But after a while Andre was wearing out as his body continued to break down. The Undertaker has had what some might claim is an even bigger impact on wrestling and has influenced a great number of people in a lot of ways. Ryan Frye for The Bleacher Report has stated that the Undertaker is Hall of Fame material but is also someone much bigger than that and it’s hard to argue since quite honestly he’s been one of the guys that’s been great in the ring and out of it.

Stone Cold Steve Austin

You might have expected the Rock or someone else or even Triple H, but despite their charisma and the respect they’ve earned throughout the years very few people in the industry have done the same thing that Stone Cold did. He challenged authority in his own way, whether it was all gimmick or not, and made the people believe in him whether he was meant to be the heel or the hero. Throughout his stint in the WWE Austin was one of those that spoke his mind, did what he wanted, and wasn’t about to take any lip from anyone, or so the act goes. People responded to it and loved it since quite honestly he got to do what a lot of us would love to do sometimes.

Ric Flair

It might be a bit of ego that leads Flair to include himself in this lineup but it’s hard to argue with since the man has been in the business for quite some time and has rightfully earned a spot for the time he’s put in. In terms of what he’s done lately it’s hard to dispute that he’s been getting older and less use in the ring, but it’s also easy to see that simply being around inspires people since legends don’t have to prove themselves any longer. Flair is a two-time Hall of Famer after all and doesn’t need to go around puffing his chest at anyone since quite honestly he’s done all he needs to do in the business. But having a daughter in the ring now and still having strong ties to the company makes it seem impossible to think that he’ll ever step away fully.

There are a lot of faces and a lot of names that would deserve to be remembered in the WWE, no matter the opinion or circumstance, but for those that have associated themselves with Ric Flair there are definite favorites to consider that have to be mentioned. While he doesn’t have as long a history with all of them he has interacted with all of them at one time or another, so he knows what he’s talking about.

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