Edward Norton’s Favorite Hulk: A Deep Dive into the Cinematic Universe

Edward Norton’s Favorite Hulk: A Deep Dive into the Cinematic Universe


Edward Norton’s Surprising Choice for the Best Hulk

The recent revelation by Kevin Burwick of MovieWeb about who Edward Norton believes was the best Hulk or Bruce Banner isn’t too surprising. Many fans would likely agree with Norton’s choice of Bill Bixby, who portrayed Banner on TV alongside Lou Ferrigno as the Hulk. Bixby’s portrayal of the intelligent yet cursed scientist was believable and relatable, making him a favorite among fans. However, I have to disagree with Norton on a few points.

Eric Bana’s Hulk: A Misstep in the Cinematic Universe

Firstly, Eric Bana’s portrayal of Bruce Banner in the 2003 film was far from ideal. The movie itself was a disaster, and even the talented cast, including Nick Nolte, Sam Elliott, and Jennifer Connelly, couldn’t save it. The Hulk’s appearance in this film was also disappointing, resembling an inflatable toy rather than the fearsome creature from the comics.

Edward Norton’s Hulk: A Step in the Right Direction

In contrast, Edward Norton’s portrayal of Bruce Banner in the 2008 film was a vast improvement. The Hulk finally resembled the rage-fueled monster from the comics, and Norton’s chameleon-like acting skills allowed him to capture the quiet, reserved nature of Banner. This version of the character was more in line with the comics, where Banner was always cautious about integrating with society due to his uncontrollable alter ego.

Mark Ruffalo’s Hulk: A Different Approach

Mark Ruffalo also did a commendable job as Bruce Banner, but his portrayal had a different quality than Norton’s. Ruffalo’s Banner seemed more willing to go along with the flow, whereas Norton brought a unique depth to the character. However, some fans argue that Norton’s Hulk didn’t resemble him enough when he transformed, which is a debatable point considering the stark contrast between Banner and the Hulk in the comics.

Disney’s Hulk: A Tamer, Family-Friendly Version

The main issue with Disney’s Hulk is that the character has been toned down to fit a family-friendly narrative. This has resulted in a less savage, more reserved Hulk that doesn’t quite capture the essence of the comic book character. Disney’s approach to the Marvel universe has softened the edges of these heroes and villains, making them less menacing and more cuddly. This is evident in the way the Hulk was depowered in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, making it easy for Thanos to dominate him even without all the Infinity Stones.

The Hulk We Deserve: A Return to the Comics

The problem with the current portrayal of the Hulk is that he has become more Banner than Hulk, losing the savagery that made him such a compelling character in the comics. Fans of the original source material may feel disappointed by this tamer version of the Hulk and long for a return to the character’s roots. Ultimately, it’s up to Disney to decide whether they want to embrace the darker, more complex aspects of these characters or continue down the path of family-friendly entertainment.

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