Here’s What People Are Saying About Black Widow’s White Suit

Here’s What People Are Saying About Black Widow’s White Suit

Black Widow White Suit

As per Ryan Scott of MovieWeb you know there’s usually a reason that any movie brings out one suit, character, or situation that is outside of what’s considered the norm, and it usually means that something or someone is going to show up that people didn’t fully expect. Stuff like this is like a giant red flag to alert people to the possibility of something unexpected happening. But then again there are times when it’s just a giant fake out and people spend a great deal of time worrying over nothing or expecting too much. In the case of Black Widow, the white suit she’s rocking in the first trailer to her long-awaited movie is no doubt giving comic fans flashbacks of Deadly Origin since this suit made its appearance shortly before Scarlett took up the role in the MCU. At the time of Deadly Origins however she also had a run-in with Bucky Barnes, the man that had already become the Winter Soldier. Unfortunately at that time she wasn’t able to enjoy his company since he was still a weapon and still had yet to be released from Hydra.

So far there’s no guarantee or flat out denial that Sebastian Stan might be involved with this movie, but as many people should know by now Marvel is one of the several studios that loves to tell people what’s going to happen only to turn around and give them something they didn’t see coming. This time however there’s not much doubt that a lot of fans have their ears pricked for this one and might very well be ready and willing to see the Winter Soldier show up, whether it happens or not. We do get to see Red Guardian and Taskmaster so that will be fun, though Taskmaster is looking a bit too reserved in his look, no matter that decking him out in his full garb from the comics might look a little corny. So far Black Widow looks like it could be one of the better upcoming movies that the MCU has been working towards for a while, and whether or not it will be on par with Captain Marvel is kind of hard to say since the heroes are very different and despite Captain Marvel being imbued with super powers Black Widow is impressive since everything she does is without a superpower and is what she was trained to do. It’s fair to say that without any powers Carol Danvers might find herself very outmatched when it comes to a physical match between her and Natasha.

But getting past that, this upcoming movie has been something that fans have been wanting to see for a while and thus far it looks as though it could be enticing enough to make it a box office success. As far as female heroes go Black Widow has been kind of a hard individual to nail down since she’s swung from being a villain to a hero back to a villain and then back to a hero again. For a long time she served her own best interests, which mean serving those that trained her at first and then those that gave her a chance to be something other than a spy. The character has evolved in a big way since her introduction and by now she’s become a very integral part of Marvel and the Avengers. There’s always been that shady past that she doesn’t share with everyone though, the dark and unknown part of her life that a lot of people have had to guess at and only a few have ever really known. As a character she’s always been a little mysterious and very sure of herself, some might even say arrogant at times since she is good at what she does and can back it up. In this movie as in others she seems to be on track to do just that again, though of course if Sebastian Stan DID show up it seems fair to say that she might suffer another beat down as she did in Civil War. It’s great that a female lead is getting her own movie again but expecting her to take on some of those within the Marvel universe that are either just as skilled and stronger or at least stronger than her is kind of hard to watch since it’s not entirely realistic. The best part about Natasha is that if she can find a way she can topple just about anyone. But someone that knows her tricks and how to counter them is bound to give her a pretty good fight.

This is why Taskmaster is such a great villain, because he’s the type of character that can adapt to and take on just about any type of fighting style that’s thrown against him. While we do see evidence that he’ll be going against Red Guardian it’s a hope that we’ll see him throw down with Natasha as well. THAT would be a good fight.

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