Five Things You’ll Find in Every Quentin Tarantino Movie

Kill Bill 3

If anyone ever asks about what every Quentin Tarantino movie has in common there are certain elements that should be able to be brought up, and it doesn’t have to do with profanity or even the level of violence that tends to happen pretty frequently. Instead, there are plenty of other things that tend to happen in Tarantino’s movies that are noticeable if people are paying attention. One could say that a lot of directors are creatures of habit since it’s true enough and it can be noted among many directors that they will fall into a rhythm and therefore become predictable at times. The funny thing about Quentin is that a lot of people tend to think that he’s hard to predict and that there’s no telling what his movies are about to do or what strange twist he’s about to put in that will amaze people on some fundamental level. The truth is that he is predictable in many ways, but he’s still capable of throwing in a surprise here and there that people will use as an example to state that he is in fact a genius. While that word can be used in a very loose sense it is easy enough to state that he does manage to impress those that believe that they’re a little smarter than the average audience member.

Here are a few things that tend to happen in most if not all of Tarantino’s movies.

5.  He loves using that ‘from below’ angle.

The perspective of looking up at the people standing above is one that Tarantino uses quite a bit and is kind of interesting since it gives the idea that they’re seeing the world from the point of view of the person on the ground. It’s been used in a lot of movies really but this is one of the angles that Tarantino tends to like using for some reason as he includes it pretty regularly into his movies. It’s definitely an angle that probably shouldn’t be used too much since it could alter the movie in a way, but when it’s being used it tends to provide an interesting touch to any movie since it’s not something one would typically expect.

4. Quentin tends to play up the products he creates quite often.

Does anyone remember how many people were going nuts over the Big Kahuna burger and a few other items that Tarantino has created for his movies? He definitely pushes whatever items he creates in his movies in a big way to get the audience to pay attention. It’s not always quite as noticeable in some movies but it’s usually there since Tarantino isn’t shy about his own product placement. It’s likely a lot cheaper to do than trying to gain permission from a number of different sources that are typically used in other movies, and it’s definitely more inventive. Some might question as to whether it strokes his ego or not, but even if it does, oh well.

3. He definitely has his favorite actors.

From the big-name actors down to the supporting actors and extras, you’ll see a lot of the same faces in Quentin’s movies since he has a cadre of actors that he enjoys working with and does everything he can to procure for his movies. Names like Uma Thurman, Samuel L. Jackson, Zoe Bell, Michael Madsen, Harvey Keitel, Tim Roth, and several others are constantly coming up in his movies since he tends to write down various roles with a specific actor in mind. It might be interesting for some people to learn that John Travolta wasn’t his first pick for Vincent Vega, but it worked all the same.

2. There will almost always be some sort of tense standoff.

As a fan of 70s movies, Quentin was obviously going to be a big fan of the whole Mexican standoff, which is essentially a big part of all of his movies in one way or another. That tense moment before the action starts is kind of necessary in some of his movies and even if it’s not it still elevates the situation to such a degree that one can’t help but feel the need to do something when two people attempt to stare each other down right before the action takes place.

1. People will be discussing important matters over a drink or something to eat.

This is amusing since it’s true and it’s kind of like the idea of Brad Pitt eating or drinking something in just about every movie he’s in since the moment it happens one knows that an important moment is coming. But if anyone has been watching Tarantino’s movies for a while they’ll know that when food and/or drink are present that things are going to get kind of tense and even violent in a little bit.

A lot of directors just kind of fall into their own habits.

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