That Time Brie Larson Stole the Scene in Scott Pilgrim

That Time Brie Larson Stole the Scene in Scott Pilgrim

The moment that Brie Larson stole the scene in Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World was kind of, well, odd. In fact you can almost say that the entire movie was like some stoned out version of a young romance featuring a lot of different iconic characters that were drawn in a haze-induced fantasy. People liked it obviously but it didn’t win over a big enough audience to really go much of anywhere but straight to cult classic fame. This was fine for a lot of people since it meant that it wouldn’t be subjected to the over-commercialized status that so many movies are prone to these days. But Brie Larson entering the scene was something kind of poignant that made everything else just seem to stand still for a moment. Even knowing that she was kind of a bit-player didn’t make a lot of difference when it came to understanding that her role was something that was far more meaningful than it seemed.

For a movie based off of a comic book the film wasn’t absolutely horrible but the dialogue was, at times, a bit juvenile. Somehow Brie Larson stole the scene every time she was in it however, vamping it up just a bit as she played the part of Scott’s ex-girlfriend. She was also attached to the telekinetic vegan that tossed Scott around like a rag doll until the Vegan police stripped him of his power for drinking half and half in his coffee. Yep, it was the weird and that out there, but it was accepted by a lot of individuals as just part of the video game/comic quality of the movie that went into the creation of something that’s been kind of forgotten at this point by many and remembered only by devoted fans that were really excited to see it come out. Brie Larson was perhaps one of the more enjoyable aspects of the movie as she got into the part so thoroughly that it didn’t appear as though she was emerging from time to time in order to figure out just what she was doing.

Honestly the movie wasn’t that bad, but in terms of being useful for anything other than entertainment it was a bit juvenile in a way that adolescents might enjoy and adults might look at and wonder about. To each their own and all that, but quite honestly Brie Larson’s part in the movie was, while kind of inconsequential, more alluring than the main female lead. She had a part that was at least able to explain why Scott was kind of gunshy and a little bit despondent when it came to women. The fact that she was connected to one of the ex-boyfriends just seems like it might have been a way to keep her in the picture for a little longer since her dialogue was just as campy as anyone else’s, but with a lot more attitude.

It was a strange movie, but it was still done in a way that bears watching.

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