Here’s Trump’s Weird “Antifa!” Yell from Phoenix Rally set to “Tequila”

Here’s Trump’s Weird “Antifa!” Yell from Phoenix Rally set to “Tequila”

A lot of people are getting tired of hearing about Trump these days and his never-ending antics that seem poised to simply annoy and prove that he is without a doubt one of the most insecure and immature presidents to ever take office. During his campaign this was proven quite often as he would openly mock his detractors and play the tit for tat game with those that he deemed worthy of his attentions. But what in the world is antifa?

Ah, that’s right, they’re the other group that condemns the violence of the KKK and white supremacist groups by being just as violent and indoctrinating others against those groups. They are essentially the groups that condemn those who decide to remain apart from the never-ending struggle by citing “silence is consent”. That’s an odd saying don’t you think?

Let me be clear, there is no support for the KKK or white supremacists or anything stemming from the need to segregate people that will be seen in this article. Those that would deny equal rights and the chance to be seen as human beings are by and large cowards, and yes, unfortunately, the POTUS is included in this as well. Is he pro-KKK? So far nothing has been said to indicate that he is, but Antifa is definitely keeping Trump on their radar just in case he slips and says something in the support of those groups.

But until then, it’s more amusing to make fun of both sides. One advocates hate in the struggle to “make America great” while the others advocate that these people should not be given the freedom to spread their words and beliefs. As deplorable as it is, and as moronic as the KKK and white supremacists are in their belief that this country is not great enough as it is, they still have the unfortunate right to speak their mind. The direction that Antifa is leading people towards is what is only a few steps away from the death of democracy.

What’s that? Ridiculous? Not really, since in a democracy, on which this nation was founded, there is the right, and the need, to allow people the freedom of speech. You might not like what they say, you might not agree with it, but they still have the right to say it. As hateful and and as hurtful as it can be, they have a right to say what they want.

You also have the right not to listen.

Someone parodying Trump is always funny and it is as protected as his ramblings and rants that he so frequently utters. It is the freedom of speech that allows people to remain free in many cases. Hatred is one of the many bastions the cowardly that don’t understand choose to remain ignorant.

Bravery however is not following their example and seeking to shut them down. Real bravery is being able to stand up to them and laugh in their faces no matter the consequences. So if you would, click the video below and laugh along.


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