HBO’s Euphoria: Why Rue and Jules Relationship Is Toxic

HBO’s Euphoria: Why Rue and Jules Relationship Is Toxic

HBO’s Euphoria: Why Rue and Jules Relationship Is Toxic

They say that opposites attract but, Jules and Rue are two sides of the same coin. They’re both socially awkward, thrive off of romance, are impulsive, and possess destructive habits. On the surface, Rue and Jules appear to be your typical high school best friends that are joined at the hip. In Euphoria, Rue and Jule’s relationship is often romanticized by viewers but when you take time to look beyond the surface, you’ll notice that they both have toxic traits that not only threaten their relationship but that are detrimental to their emotional health.

Rue is emotionally dependent on Jules

Throughout the series Rue’s relationship with Jules is  compared to her drug addiction. In fact, early on Rue promises to get clean when Jules threatens to end their friendship For awhile Rue is actually successful at staying sober thanks to all the fun and romance brewing between her and Jules. However, when Jules takes a step back due to the complications in her life it nearly kills Jules. She falls into a deep depression and their separation eventually leads to her relapse. Rue realizes that Jules was another addiction  and this situation reveals how unhealthy Rue’s emotional dependence on Jules is.

Rue Struggles To Be Herself Around

When Jules is around Rue spends spends way too much time overthinking and reading into her actions. Rue doesn’t think she’s good enough for Jules and her low self-esteem is bad for her anxiety. As soon as Rue realizes that Jules loves her for who she is, flaws and the sooner she’ll be able to let her guard down and be herself.

Jules mother was an addict

During Jules session with her therapist she speaks about her somewhat estranged relationship with her mom who was an addict. Jules hates her mother because of her addiction but she doesn’t tell Rue about her mom because she doesn’t Rue to think that she looks at her the same way. The therapist suggests that the way Rue uses up her energy is similar to the cycle that she goes through with her mom. However, Rue believes that the way she feels and relates to Rue  is quite different from how she feels about her mom. Either way Jules past experience with drug addiction complicates her relationship with Jules.

Jules Starts To Feel Tied Down

Rues issues are heavy and they tend to dominate her and Jules relationship. Rue relapses multiple times and Jules is always there to pick up the pieces. Jules is a source of comfort and care for Rue. After Rue’s bender on Fetanyl,  Jules distances herself from Rue. It’s all too much handle for her especially since she’s dealing with issues of her like realizing she had been catfished by Nate and he is now black mailing her with her nude pictures. Dealing with Rue and her own problems is to much to handle and Jules wants to be free from it all. Although Rue genuinely loves Jules at times it she “takes more than she is capable of giving”.

Jules and Rue’s Communication Skills Suck

In a healthy relationship two people are able to be open about their feelings however, this isn’t the case with Jules and Rue. Rue had no idea that Jules was going through so much. In fact, after some investigating she discovered that Nate was a problem for Jules. Rue was also very reserved about how she was feeling about certain things. When she was jealous or felt hurt rather than communicating her feelings she buries them inside.

They Both Need To Heal

Jules can’t save Rue. Ultimately it’s up to Rue to save herself and get sober. It’s not fair that she puts the burden of her sobriety on Jules. In turn, Jules has to realize that she can’t solve Rue’s problems. Instead she needs to work on her relationship with her mother. Jules isn’t your typical teenage girl. She’s a transgender woman that also suffered from severe doubts of depression and self harm stemming from body dysphoria. They both have issues they need to face head on. Once they both heal from the trauma they have endured perhaps they can have healthy relationship.

Jules Runs Away Leaving Rue Behind

When things become to much for Jules to handle she compulsively decides to escape to her old hometown where she reunites with an old friend and visits her old stomping grounds. Her decision to leave the state without telling Rue is inconsiderate and puts their relationship in jeopardy. Jules has to learn that when things get tough running away only makes the situation worse.

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