All of Hayden Panettiere’s Tattoos and What They Mean

All of Hayden Panettiere’s Tattoos and What They Mean

For some people, it’s still hard to imagine that this former child actress is now a full-fledged adult actress, tattoos and all. You can’t tell so much from Hayden Panettiere’s public photos that she’s got a few tattoos. They’re fairly small and inconspicuous, but for the most part, the actress seems to know how to hide them well. Hayden has four known tattoos, all of which are in black. They’re all mostly in script as well, which adds a bit of elegance to the look. Here we analyze all four of Hayden’s tattoos and what they can possibly mean in general.

Vivere senza rimipianti

Hayden’s largest tattoo is the script on her side that spells out, “Vivere senza rimipianti.” Hayden is of Italian descent, so it makes sense for her tattoo to be written in Italian. This script translates into “to live without regrets.” We know for sure that Hayden does that very well. She doesn’t care much about what other people might think of her, and she just goes for anything that she wants. This incredibly talented actress has been living the life of a star ever since she was a little girl, and she could very well be credited for her own success even when she was young. She doesn’t hold back, and she certainly seems to live life to the fullest.


Hayden also has a tattoo on her forearm that’s written in a Sanksrit script. The script reads, “Jai Gurudev” then followed by “OM.” It’s a saying that expresses victory and power over someone, or in the case of Hayden’s, a way to pass courtesy and a tribute to a divine power. It shows that Hayden believes in a higher power and might even believe in God. “OM” is a mystic symbol and is one of the most sacred mantras in Buddhism. It appears in many Sanskrit texts, prayers, and recitations, and its meaning can be as personal as possible.


On her ring finger, Hayden has a tattoo of another script in Italian. The tattoo spells out, “Liberta.” In English, this stands for “Freedom.” There’s an important notion on why Hayden has this tattooed on her ring finger. It could mean that she doesn’t believe in the institute of marriage, and she might think that she has freedom outside of being married and tied to someone else. Hayden might think that freedom means being able to live freely and alone, and although she’s had a partner since 2009, she doesn’t seem to be in the path to tying the knot soon.


Hayden has a tiny zodiac symbol on her right ankle, and it’s the symbol of her Chinese zodiac sign, Leo. Born on August 21, 1989, Hayden is clearly a Leo, so it made sense for her to get one done. The Leo symbol is supposed to be a simplified image of a lion, with the head on one end and the tail on the other. Why Hayden got this tattoo on her ankle remains to be a mystery, though, but we’re sure she just got it there just because it looks cute.

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