Whatever Happened to Jon Brennan?

Whatever Happened to Jon Brennan?

Whatever Happened to Jon Brennan?

Jon Brennan is an American actor who is best known for his appearance on the television series “Real World” in 1993. At the age of 18, he was the youngest member of the cast. There are fans of the show who are wondering whatever happened to him? He didn’t go on to become a Hollywood A-lister from his appearance in the reality television series, but he has made a few spotty appearances now and then. We were curious about what he’s been up to in the last 17 years so we looked into his career history and here is what we learned.

His reality television appearances

After “The Real World” Brennan went on to appear in “The Real World Reunion” special in 1995. He also appeared in the 1996 “The Real World Reunion: Inside Out video documentary and in the 1997 “The Real World You Never Saw documentary in 1997. These were popular documentaries and he appeared again in the 1998 “the Real World You Never Saw: Boston + Seattle” edition. He last surfaced in the reality television series “The Challenge for five episodes” from 1998 through 2005. He spent a total of 12 years involved with these physically challenging shows, but it’s been 15 years since audiences have seen or heard from him on television.

Brennan is a unique individual

Jon Brennan spent the remainder of his teen years up until the age of 30 involved with “The Real World” franchise off and on. He seemed to enjoy the lifestyle of Los Angeles for the brief periods of time that he was there but he’s the kind of guy that wouldn’t fit in with the culture if he were to make it a permanent home. After fulfilling his commitment to the show, he would return back to his home in Owensboro, Kentucky where he felt more at ease. He is a devout Christian who has never smoked a cigarette or consumed alcohol. He prefers to live his life outside of the spotlight and this is likely the reason why he didn’t pursue a career in more aspects of reality television. He’s a homebody at heart and life in the big city isn’t his preference.

After “The Real World”

In 2008, Jon Brennan returned to his hometown and resumed his life there. He is a musician and a singer, but he admits that he’s not much of a writer so he doesn’t write his own music. He is more at home singing and playing for the church congregation at his local church. He became a youth pastor for the organization and this is what he has chosen to do for his career path. Jon shared that he didn’t get very good grades when he was in school and he doesn’t believe that a conventional job would work out for him. He hasn’t had a lot of close friends throughout his life and he is more of a lone wolf.

His aspirations

Jon did attend Belmont University, but he took time off from his studies to live in Los Angeles and pursue his career in music. He’s a country singer and he performed on a regular basis in his home town of Owensboro at a venue called Goldie’s Best Little Opry House. His aspiration was to become a recording artist.

What Jon Brennan is up to now

We followed up with Jon on his LinkedIn professional profile page and learned that he has been keeping busy these days. He is a country music artist who also enjoys doing some public speaking. He’s also advanced to Worship Pastor of his local church. He also lists missionary among his professional titles, so we can see that he has been busy sharing his faith and looking after the needs of others. He lists his geographic work area as Nashville, TN, Alabama, and Kentucky.

He’s active in social media

Jon Brennan has an active Instagram account and when we visited the site we learned that he is quite active with his stage appearances and in delivering his renditions of country songs as well as spreading the good news of the gospel. His faith is very important to him but you’ll see a spicy joke posted here and there. You can find some great photos of Jon on this page along with family members and great pics of the places that he’s visited. You may not see much of him on the television, but Jon Brennan is far from underground. He’s doing the things that he loves and believes in and from all appearances, he’s living a fulfilling life. He has 2,476 followers on his page and he’s made 1,873 posts so if you want to stay in touch or find out what he’s up to, this is an excellent resource for fans.


Jon Brennan has come a long way in his life and he’s found his niche in life, keeping people entertained and inspired by his music as well as the words he presents during his speaking engagements. For those of you who are wondering whatever happened to him, he is alive and well, and thriving in the life that he has built for himself. He’s an entertainer at heart, but he lives by principles that are guided by his heartfelt beliefs. If you’re a fan and you want to keep in touch, you can find Jon on Instagram or on LinkedIn. These pages offer some great ways to contact him and to stay on top of what is happening in his career and in his life. He continues to make a big impression on everyone that he comes in contact with. Jon Brennan is one of those guys who has historically kept more to himself because he is a person that cares more about giving than receiving.

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