Han Solo Encased in Bread. Now That’s Impressive

Pan Solo: Bakery makes life-sized Han Solo out of bread – FOX23 News

credit: One-House Bakery

This kind of representation lets others know how people truly feel about a movie since casting something like this to show their love of Star Wars is enough to make it clear that the two bakers that accomplished this are indeed enamored of the franchise that this image comes from. The appearance of Han Solo encased in carbonite has been an image that many people have used for one purpose over the years, and it’s become an iconic image that even non-fans can recognize, considering that it’s been used so often. The mother and daughter team, Hanalee and Catherine Pervan, who are also co-owners of the One-House Bakery in Benicia, California, took their love of science fiction and fantasy to a new extreme this year as after weeks of planning and prep, their mold of Han Solo from The Empire Strikes Back came out looking perfect. Those who want to critique this piece and state that it has minor flaws here and there might need to soak their head for a moment before realizing how difficult this must have been, especially considering the fine details added in. 

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credit: Star Wars: Return of the Jedi

Star Wars fans might be labeled as toxic, but they’re highly inventive at times as well 

The Star Wars fanbase does get a bad reputation at times since there are plenty of individuals among the legion of fans that will act as though they have exclusive rights to the story and that their will is the only one that matters when it comes to which direction the franchise needs to go. It’s straightforward to be displeased with what’s come along in recent years, but the point is that one keeps going and hopes for the best to arrive at some point. Despite the disappointing movies that have arrived since 2015, there have been bright spots here and there. But one thing that no one should be able to say of any Star Wars fan is that they’re not imaginative and inventive. This bread sculpture helps to put that idea to rest with excellent efficiency since the mere thought of this is enough to give some people a headache. 

Just thinking about how long it took to get this right is enough to test a person’s patience in the planning stage

Anyone that’s tried baking before or who has made a profession out of it would no doubt have some idea of how to approach this project, but for those who haven’t baked so much as a loaf of bread, the dynamics of such a project might as well be written in a forgotten language. From the basic concept to the finer details, it does feel as though this project might have broken many people, considering how much had to go into it and how each part of the whole thing had to be categorized and handled to bring about this impressive display of skill and passion. Getting a cake to rise in the oven is a challenge for some folks, but sorting out how this would need to be done is insane enough to create an instant migraine. 

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Credit: Star Wars; The Empire Strikes Back

It’s easy to give this mother/daughter team kudos for what they’ve done 

Without knowing how long the mother/daughter duo has been at this, it’s still fair to say that they have the skill and the passion for the movies to use their skills to bring something like this to life. It’s interesting to think of what happened to the display since this was accomplished a short while ago, but hats off to the pair anyway since this skill doesn’t just come to someone on a whim. Wanting to stand out in a meaningful way is a bit tough sometimes. Still, when someone can create a genuinely intriguing marvel such as this, it has to be said that they’ve done something worth noticing since it might not be a worldwide phenomenon. Still, it’s something that not everyone can do, meaning that it is imposing. 

Such feats as this make it easy to wonder what other fans will do to stand out

Many want to show that they’re fans of a franchise and have loved the movies and everything about it for years. So while some get little nuts and add to the toxic rumors about Star Wars, others tend to give the fanbase a good name by doing something spectacular. But, it has to be repeated, the two bakers that made this happen did something unique since the detail and the fact that this creation was life-sized is all kinds of cool. 

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