A Blood Oath to Make Alita: Battle Angel Has Been Made. Why?

A Blood Oath to Make Alita: Battle Angel Has Been Made. Why?
A Blood Oath to Make Alita: Battle Angel Has Been Made. Why?

credit: Alita: Battle Angel

The fan response when discussing Alita: Battle Angel 2 is rather pointed since people have done whatever they can to finally get the point across that they want to see a sequel to this movie. While it hasn’t been that many years since the first movie came out, it does feel as though people believe that they’ve been waiting too long. But hearing that James Cameron and Robert Rodriguez exchanged an actual blood oath during an interview is enough to make some people feel that the movie has a chance, and others wonder why such a thing was needed. Getting past the whole blood oath matter, the idea that Alita 2 should have already come to the theaters a while back is a common thought, but one that hasn’t gained a lot of ground over the last couple of years unless one counts the fan reaction and the desire to see it happen. An idea that would inspire people to rent billboards to promote the idea makes it clear that this isn’t just lip service being paid to a popular movie. But even with this news in mind, one has to wonder if Cameron will be able to devote as much time and effort to the movie as he’d like since his Avatar sequels appear to be the direction he’s leaning at this time. Unless people want to wait another decade for another sequel, it feels likely that he’ll have to split his time somehow. 

A Blood Oath to Make Alita: Battle Angel Has Been Made. Why?

credit: Alita: Battle Angel

Alita became more than a little popular following the release of the movie. 

It was a bit of a climb to her current position among the fans. Still, over time, Alita has become one of the most well-liked individuals in cinema, and one of those people are willing to fight for since she’s proven to be a character that people can unite behind. There is still a great deal of backstory yet to cover since the flashbacks in the first movie didn’t reveal everything there was to know about Alita. But a big hope is that the sequel will delve into her character even further and reveal more about her status as a Battle Angel than has already been seen. The initial story that eventually gave rise to the movie would be a wise source for many fans to peruse if they wanted to know more about the character. Still, a second movie would need to go above and beyond the first to tell people who she is. 

The tease at the end felt like a letdown when the second movie wasn’t given the go-ahead right away. 

The movie ended with an image of Alita holding her blade high as she writhed with a blue fire and thrust upward toward Zalem, and, without a doubt, Nova, the leader of the floating city and controller of everything he surveyed, was a cliffhanger without any doubt. But to many fans, it was tough to absorb once it was established that a sequel would not immediately follow this movie. The idea that the green light hadn’t been given for this continuation was hard to imagine since the movie was an energetic ride that left people wanting more of everything. In the minds of many people, the blood oath that Cameron and Rodriguez swore had best be binding since otherwise, it feels as though a lot of fans might come to doubt the word of both men considering that at one time in history, a blood oath was nothing to kid about. With this movie, it might not have been the wisest move unless the two are willing to put all other projects on hold for a while so that they can get this story moving. 

A Blood Oath to Make Alita: Battle Angel Has Been Made. Why?

credit: Alita: Battle Angel

It’s interesting to think of who’s going to make it back for the sequel

A few names won’t be cut since a few characters were killed during the movie. Still, it does leave a lot of hope that other characters will be introduced to push the story forward so that Alita can benefit from an environment that she’ll need to continually adapt to survive and attain her goal. Whether or not we’ll still see Edward Norton in the role of Nova is hard to say, as there’s nothing on the books at the moment. 

How many Alita movies should there be? 

So far, fans are only calling for a sequel, so it’s easy to think that a second movie could be as far as people want to go. If the second movie is given enough respect and can continue to entertain the fans, it could be that Alita could stick around. Of course, that’s an uncertain prediction at this time, but now, there’s no doubt that people want the heroine back and are willing to keep hounding those in charge to make it happen. 

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