Halle Bailey and DDG’s Relationship Timeline Explained

Halle Bailey and DDG’s Relationship Timeline Explained
Halle Bailey and DDG’s Relationship Timeline Explained

Halle Bailey is an actress and singer of the duo ChloexHalle, while DDG is a streamer and YouTuber turned rapper. The two might seem to be from different worlds, but they both share a love for music and content creation. When Bailey and DDG revealed they were in a relationship, fans didn’t think it would last long and gave the relationship a few months at most. To their surprise, the couple has been together for over a year and welcomed their first child in December 2023. 

Bailey and DDG seem happy on social media while attending several high-profile events, but their relationship hasn’t always sailed smoothly. With several breakup rumors, exes, and a hidden pregnancy, this couple has gone through a lot quickly. But they seem stronger than ever, having welcomed a new member to their family. Here is Halle Bailey and DDG’s relationship timeline! 

Halle Bailey and DDG Start Dating

Halle Bailey and DDG Relationship

Bailey and rapper DDG’s relationship is rumored to have started in January 2022. According to Elle magazine, the pair was spotted at an Usher concert in January 2022, which sparked rumors that they were romantically linked. This was during Usher’s Las Vegas residency. To confirm their relationship, the YouTube vlogger shared stories on his Instagram with the actress, making it clear they are an item.  

In June 2022, DDG and Bailey made their relationship official to the Hollywood crowd when they made their red carpet-debut during the BET Awards. The couple attended the event together, dressed in black and smiling. During a red carpet interview with Extra, Bailey said that she was excited to attend the event with her boo and support Chloe’s solo performance that night. In June, the couple shared their first TikTok video with Bailey giving DDG a singing lesson. The couple seemed enchanted with each other and laughing throughout the clip. 

Halle Bailey Reveals How She Really Feels

Halle Bailey and DDG Relationship

After making their relationship public, Halle and DDG would be seen attending several events in the next couple of months. They were spotted together in August at the Variety Power of Young Hollywood Event, and in October, they attended the 5th annual Wearable Art Gala. The couple color coordinates their outfits, and they look mesmerizing as always.

During an interview with Essence, Halle Bailey revealed that she’s been a fan of her boyfriend for a long time, and she was so happy that they finally committed to each other. She explained that she grew up on YouTube watching young black creators like DDG, who inspired her. Bailey said that what made her want to get closer to him was when the YouTuber started pursuing music and dropped his first song on the platform. After that, he messaged her, which was the beginning of the relationship.

Problems in Paradise?

Halle Bailey and DDG Relationship

After escorting Bailey to the Avatar 2: The Way of Water movie premier in December 2022, fans started speculating there were problems in the relationship a few weeks later. His ex-girlfriend Rubi Rose tweeted in February 2023 that it was unbelievable for her ex-boyfriend to let his new girlfriend wear her clothes. Rose referenced a black and white T-shirt she wore in 2020 and posted on Instagram.

Instead of ignoring the drama, DDG only made it worse by unfollowing his girlfriend, Bailey. Two days before Rose’s tweet, DDG tweeted, “All These girls are the same. Ain’t no way”. When fans started speculating, he had cheated on Bailey with Rose and left with her shirt. He clarified in another tweet that nobody had cheated, and fans shouldn’t take his tweets seriously. Bailey chimed in and blamed the devil for trying to come in between their relationship and for fans not to fall for the lies from a third party.

‘The Little Mermaid’ vs “Famous”

Halle Bailey and DDG’s Relationship Timeline Explained

From March 2023, Halle Bailey was busy promoting her upcoming Disney film, the live-action The Little Mermaid. She attended the Vanity Fair Oscar party in LA with her boyfriend, and in April 2023, she sat down for an interview with British Vogue, where she gushed over her love life. Bailey said that the kind of love she was experiencing in her life greatly affected her creativity. She said that the uncertainty and the scary feelings showed her feelings and made her believe she was genuinely going through womanhood, which was how it was supposed to be. During the last days of her press runs, she shared a video of her kissing DDG to her TikTok.

In July 2023, DDG released a new song titled Famous that wasn’t widely received by their fans and the larger public. In the song, he seemed to take jabs at his girlfriend and the fact that she was famous or more famous than him. He implied that she was kissing other guys during filming and how Bailey holding hands with her co-star Jonah Hauer-King made him insecure. He finished his song with the words, “The hardest thing I did was fall in love with a famous b*tch.” The way DDG spoke about Bailey in the song, even though he was sharing his emotions, didn’t sit well with fans. Despite how upset Bailey’s fans were, the couple were spotted together at The Love Album listening party, holding hands and more in love than ever. 

Halle Bailey’s Pregnancy Rumours

Halle Bailey and DDG’s Relationship Timeline Explained

Around the same time, fans noticed that Bailey wasn’t wearing her revealing and body-hugging outfits. When the couple attended the Milan Fashion Week, Bailey wore a yellow number, tight around the waist but still free-flowing. In September, Halley and DDG attended the Gucci Ancona show, and she wore another loose-fitting black coat.

She was noticeably different in appearance, making fans speculate that she was pregnant. On April Fools Day, DDG posted a picture of an ultrasound, but because of the day he posted it, fans assumed that it was just a joke. Bailey would go on to attend more events with DDG because she was still promoting another movie, The Color Purple, which was released in December 2023. Around this time, she was photographed with baggy clothing that, from different angles, making fans believe she was indeed hiding a baby bump. 

Halle Bailey and DDG Welcome Their First Child

Halle Bailey, DDG, and their son Halo

DDG documents a lot of his life on Snapchat for his fans, and gifting the love of his life wasn’t going to be different. On his Snapchat, he shared he was planning on buying Bailey jewellery from Tiffany & Co., among other gifts. He gave her a bracelet from Tiffany & Co. worth $12,700, boots, pants, and a bag. Bailey also gifted her boyfriend a pair of stud diamond earrings. All these lavish gifts made fans speculate that they could have been push presents after the successful delivery of their child.

Towards the end of the Christmas holiday, DDG and Halle Bailey were making cookies with their fans on Snapchat. In the video, Bailey is seen standing up slowly and wobbling away to another room, which made fans speculate that she had given birth because she isn’t trying to hide her belly anymore. On January 6th, the pair announced on their Instagram that they had welcomed their baby boy named Halo. Bailey shared that they had welcomed the baby in 2023 and jokingly added that “the world is desperate to know you.”

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