10 Things You Didn’t Know about Hale Appleman

10 Things You Didn’t Know about Hale Appleman

10 Things You Didn’t Know about Hale Appleman

Hale Appleman isn’t exactly a newbie but you wouldn’t know it from his list of credits since he’s yet to really break through into Hollywood and start racking up the roles. It could be that he’s kind of picky about his roles or something else but so far what he’s done has been widely appreciated and his style of acting has been seen as something quite pleasing to many fans. It’s easy to say that he’s got a long way to go to really impress people but it’s not entirely accurate since he’s been very impressive so far with what he has done. The mark of a good actor after all isn’t really the number of roles they’ve done but the proficiency they’ve shown in said roles as they’ve done them. In so many ways it seems as though he might have a bright future ahead of him but in terms of Hollywood we’ll just have to wait around and see. It might take some time but he’s already proven he can play a part that’s meant for him.

Here are a few things you might not have known about him.

10. He’s in the film Teeth.

So honestly this has to be one of the most messed-up movies ever made but there’s no doubt that a lot of people will find it absolutely entertaining for the shock and gore value. Tobey, whom Hale plays, is only the first victim of Dawn, who by the end of the film knows what she can do with her nether regions and is now confident in what she can achieve by snipping off the manhood of any man that decides that he can have his way with her. You might say poor Tobey, but the guy did try to force himself on Dawn so it’s more like he had what he got coming to him.

9. His career started in 2006.

As it was said above he’s not a newbie but it does appear that he’s been very selective about his roles. Maybe he’s been working on the side while acting or something else, but it’s kind of obvious that he hasn’t been seeking out roles left and right.

8. He’s in The Magicians.

It’s something of a shock when you find out that magic is real and it does pose a serious threat to humanity when in the wrong hands. Eliot, Hale’s character, is one of the main characters and tends to be a little more like Hale’s persona in real life, though played up a bit it would seem for obvious reasons.

7. He didn’t get his start in TV until 2012.

This is kind of curious but not so much so that you would think it anything out of the ordinary. Some people get their start in movies, others in TV. Some folks start out in commercials and then work their way up. It would seem that Hale went straight to movies.

6. At this point he doesn’t have a lot of credits to his name.

He’s still relatively young so he has a lot of time to keep adding credits to his resume if he so desires. In the world of Hollywood there are those that rush to get their filmography as full as possible and those that kind of do so in a leisurely fashion.

5. He is also a stage actor.

He does have a few stage credits that he can fall back on as well and is obviously no slouch when it comes to acting in front others without the ability to call for a cut and do something over. That does take some talent after all.

4. He identifies as not straight.

It doesn’t seem too PC to say that he identifies as being queer but since those are his words it’s a little more acceptable. In this day and age people are more than free to identify how they want to be seen and there’s no harm in affirming it.

3. His parents were a big influence on his decision to get into show business.

His mother is a modern dancer and his father spent a lot of time taking Hale to the theater so he had a lot of inspiration from the both of them, which of course led to a very deep love for acting that has obviously done very well for him. It’s always great when parents can inspire their kids.

2. Initially he never thought about being on TV or film.

It seems apparent that he would have been just as happy staying on the stage as going anywhere else. He has such a deep and abounding love for performing that he seems to belong wherever he wants to be.

1. He places a lot of value on being represented as a gay man in film and on TV.

The representation of gay men in TV and movies seems to be rising and he’s one of the many that are glad to see it. In truth it does make for a more interesting landscape when it comes to the big or small screen.

It’ll be interesting to see how his career continues to develop.

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