10 Things You Didn’t Know about Tao Okamoto

10 Things You Didn’t Know about Tao Okamoto

Some actors seem to come out of left field as far as when and where they arrive, but once they show what they’re made of it becomes a welcome surprise. Tao Okamoto is one of those individuals since she can act, she can sing, and she’s got the presence that makes her unique on the set of just about any movie. From the time she came on the scene to this moment she’s been nothing but great and she’s actually been kind of an imposing character in the films and shows she’s been in. To be honest she’s something of a mystery no matter how open she is with people, and that’s something that’s quite intriguing since she goes into any role looking as though she’s bound to stay stone-faced whether she’s playing the part of the deadly assistant or the precise and deadly killer that she’s been in some productions.

There’s a lot to like about that. Here are some things you might not have known about her.

10. She started modeling when she was 14 years old.

Her height and her exotic looks managed to help her a great deal when she decided to go into modeling since she’d been a taller woman for quite a few years. She eventually moved to Paris to take her career international.

9. When she moved to Paris she had a rough time getting by.

She couldn’t speak the language at first and so had a rather rough time just getting something to eat. Eventually though she managed to overcome this and made her way thanks to the modeling circuit and her continued career.

8. She became a Hugh Jackman fan after watching the X-Men.

Tao was living in London at this time and had an English boyfriend. The amusing part was that he actually got jealous when she stated that she liked Hugh Jackman. It’s interesting to wonder what might have happened once she went on to star with Jackman in a movie.

7. She was in The Wolverine.

This wasn’t the most popular of the Wolverine movies but it did have the interesting quirk that saw Logan lose his healing ability for a time until he found what was causing it and removed the problem.

6. She’s not a big fan of social media.

It’s funny, but it almost seems as more and more actors are starting to rely less and less on social media. It’s not bound to become a trend that people will embrace, but it is very interesting to say the least. It almost seems as though some actors are starting to realize that social media is, at times, more trouble than it’s worth. It’s a great way to make people aware of one’s fame and career, but beyond that it can be a bit troublesome.

5. She was in Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice.

Mercy Graves is Lex Luthor’s assistant and in some cases seems to be the person he relies on the most in this movie. Of course when you really get down to who Lex is you realize that he only relies on people until he’s ready to get his hands dirty.

4. She loves to sing.

She admits that she can’t dance but she does love to sing, and would love to make it into more than a hobby. It might be interesting to see her do something other than just acting at some point in her career.

3. She has a dream of being on Broadway.

So long as she has rhythm the dancing part is something she can pick up without a doubt, but it would be a great thing to see her take to Broadway and actually find some success. If a person can be successful in the theater then it usually tends to validate the belief that they are in fact great at their craft.

2. She’s in Westworld

She plays the Japanese counterpart to the Western sharpshooter and she is without a doubt absolutely deadly with her bow, picking targets and firing with such deadly accuracy that she can pick them off at a long or short distance without a worry. That kind of shooting is rare in these days and is something you would likely see more in the movies and TV than in real life. It’s still impressive though.

1. She’s tall.

She stands at 5’10”, which is pretty tall for a woman in many parts of the world. It certainly hasn’t hurt her career however since from modeling to acting she’s been seen as one of the more popular characters in part because her of her superior height. She seems to either loom or tower over those that are with her depending on the situation and the moment.

It’s going to be interesting to see how her career keeps going in the years to come.

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