10 Things You Didn’t Know about Gymani

Who is Gymani? She’s the woman who is so talented she’s already decided she’s going by one name rather than multiple names, and she’s already decided she’s going to be famous. In all fairness, “The Voice,” contestant probably will make that happen without much trouble. She is the woman making headlines after she was bold enough to do what only few people have done before her (and not all with success, either), which is sing a song by a judge on the show behind their backs during their blind audition. She did it, she killed it, and she managed to do what only a handful of others have done before her. She managed to make all four judges turn their chairs around to fight over her.

1. She Sang an Ariana Grande Song

When she went into her blind audition, Gymani took a chance. She sang “POV,” which is a huge hit from singer and Voice judge Ariana Grande. She did a phenomenal job, she made it her own, and it didn’t sound like a verbatim copy of the singer’s work. She was wonderful.

2. All Four Judges Turned Around

Ariana Grande, Blake Shelton, and John Legend turned almost immediately when the singer began singing the song Grande made famous. Kelly Clarkson took an additional moment to make her decision, but she ultimately turned around to see what the singer was all about. Now all four judges are interested.

3. Grande Issued High Praise

When Gymani sang Grande’s song, she wasn’t upset about it. She did it so well that the famed singer turned her chair around and told the hopeful contestant that it is Gymani’s song now, and she can have it. Grande loved the changes that Gymani made, she loved every manner in which she made the song her own, and she was exceptionally excited for the singer.

4. She’s A Mom

Gymani might be a talented singer, but she’s also the mother of two sweet children, and they are her number one priority. She does everything for her children and their own future, and that is why she is on this show. She’s a great mom who is clearly very proud of her children. Her daughters are her everything.

5. She is a Georgia Girl

The 23-year-old singer is a Georgia native, and a true southerner. She is from a suburb of Atlanta called East Point. She lives with her two adorable little girls in the Atlanta area, and she works on her own YouTube channel and raising her kids while she enjoys that Georgia charm.

6. She Loves Fashion

We can tell that she is a woman who enjoys fashion and she makes it happen for herself. She’s not the ‘the dress wears the woman,’ kind of gal. She sees something she likes, and she makes it her own. Her personal style is lovely, and she is someone who makes things work for herself. We have no doubt she will make her music career happen, too.

7. She Took a Huge Risk

John Legend pointed out that singing Ariana Grande’s song was a massive risk, and Gymani said she knows this. She knew it, and she did it anyway, and she was excited to do it. Grande loved it so much she said she will forever feel as if she is performing Gymani’s song when she sings it. She begged the singer to be part of her team.

8. She Shocked the World

After getting on stage and singing a Grande song, the world was positive that Gymani would choose the singer as her coach. Surprisingly, however, she went with Kelly Clarkson. Clarkson not only was the last one to turn her chair around, she took a while to do it, too. However, the hopeful singer knows what she wants and who she thinks will be the best option for her, and she made a decision.

9. She’s Faithful

When you have the voice of an angel, it only makes sense that you are faithful. Gymani is not shy about sharing her faith in God. She lists it, along with her singing and her children, as the most important things in her life in her own Instagram biography, and that tells us it must be so important to her. We are here for it.

10. She is Hustling

Here’s a woman who is not stopping until she achieves her goals. She has a dream, and she’s going to live it. She uses her own Instagram page to focus on her music and her songs, and she promotes her work all the time. She is working hard to make a name for herself, and she’s doing well.

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