The Best Uses of Kelly Clarkson Songs in Movies or TV

A lot of musicians come and go in the course of a career and some don’t even get started the entire way before they fade out due to lack of something that the audience wants but can’t get. Kelly Clarkson came on very strong in her debut and managed to gain the attention of many a fan and keep it for a good amount of time, though it does feel as though she tripped along the way and almost lost what she had for a little bit. But thankfully she’s still around and has established herself in more ways than one as she’s continued her career and kept moving forward. She’s endured a great deal of criticism over her career and her appearance has been one of those, but her voice has held out throughout it all and her determination has carried her forward so quite honestly she deserves the respect she’s earned.

Here are a few examples of how her music has been used in movies and TV.

5. Pitch Perfect 3 – Stronger

It’s different no doubt to hear a song being used in a slightly different man by a band that obviously doesn’t sing the same material as the original singer but at the same time it lends a different sound and feel to the song that makes it just a little more interesting and tests the versatility of the track as well. In this manner a person can expand their mind and their musical repertoire since leaving a song to its own genre is great and all but allowing it to come out and breathe as it’s used in a different manner with slightly different sounds accompanying it is something that a lot of musicians seem to have been turned onto in the past.

4. Lip Sync Battle Shorties – Stronger

Of course kids can’t be left out of the act, they love music too and even if they don’t understand every line they understand the feelings and the emotions that go into the songs and can easily get into it along with everyone else. Music is something that’s meant to be shared, given, and spread across the world in a manner that allows everyone that listens to enjoy it and get into the rhythm in their own way and giving music to kids is one of the best ways to help them learn as music inspires and drives people to new heights that they might never have experienced. In other words, starting kids out with a love of music early on is a great way to inspire further learning.

3. Glee – My Life Would Suck Without You

Honestly the title kind of sounds like something a teenager would come up with but at the same time it is pretty inspiring and straight to the point so honestly there’s nothing wrong with saying how you feel and putting it to song. Plus it’s a great message to give someone in your life that shows just how much you care and what you feel about them. Song is after all a written and spoken version of what people truly feel and what they want to say to the world and to other people in general. If we didn’t have this expression then it’s hard to think just what we might do as human beings when it comes to conveying our feelings for one another.

2. Dancing With The Stars – Walk Away

There’s something about music that just makes the human body want to dance. The rhythm, the cadence, the sound, something that eludes easy and distinct description exists that makes it necessary to tap your feet to the beat or just get up and start moving. Kelly definitely tapped into that with her songs just as much as any other artist and has shown the skill that’s needed to get people up and moving and in some cases just swaying to the beat if need be. She’s not a hard rocker by any means but her music is still moving and still manages to grip people and not let go until the last note is played.

1. American Idol – A Moment Like This

This moment couldn’t be forgotten since it’s where her career was firmly rooted and where it took off no matter that it was her crowning achievement on the show and not yet the beginning of her career. So many people tuned in to see the first ever winner of American Idol that the numbers seemed to go off the charts. The outpouring of emotion and excitement was simply too great to be put into so many words since it was history in the making on TV it seemed and it was that kind of magical moment that you only see a few times in a lifetime, if that many.

She’s been a great singer for many years now, and it’s a hope that she’ll continue to rise or at least stay where she’s at.

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