Guy Trying To Chase Bear Away From Fishing Camp On Snowmobile Has Close Call

Guy Trying To Chase Bear Away From Fishing Camp On Snowmobile Has Close Call

There’s truly something wrong with a person that thinks it’s a good idea to antagonize a grizzly bear on a snowmobile, or even just antagonize them for that matter. Keeping the bear away from their fishing camp is admirable in a way, but the close call that involves the bears claws, which are longer than some people’s fingers, doesn’t seem like it justifies the need to get so close. Plus if the two snowmobiles buzzing around this huge bear didn’t deter it in the first place how likely would it be that the bear would run when being buzzed by one of them? People don’t seem to think that often when they’re confronted with nature, as this video kind of shows.

Grizzly bears usually weigh in excess of 600 pounds, less if they’re female, and can outrun a human quite easily. Granted, they’re on snowmobiles and can zip around the bear, but really it looks more like a ground-based version of King Kong as the snowmobile with the camera decides to loop around and come in for a closer run. At that point the bear sees the person coming and rears up, which is never a good sign. In some cases this means the bear is ready to take the person in front of them apart. In this case it seems like it would have been just that way if the snowmobile had been going any slower. Those claws flashed way too close to where the person’s head probably was for comfort. But hey, zip around the bear a few more times rather than just let him take over your campsite to see what’s there to loot and plunder. Likely as not the camp would be wrecked by the time the bear was done, but scaring the critter doesn’t seem to be going too well.

People that do these kinds of things are aggravating really as they don’t seem to get that wild animals aren’t always as scared of human beings as people might think they are. If an animal perceives a threat they’re going to do one of two things usually, which is take off running in the opposite direction or stand their ground and fight. If they get the feeling that you’re giving them no choice but to stand and fight then most animals have got the kind of resources that humans just don’t possess. A bear for instance has claws that could incapacitate, maim, and eventually kill a human being very easily, and not necessarily in that order. Plus a bear has the kind of bulk that you would think might make them slow and extremely clumsy. That’s just not the case either, as bears can easily outrun a human and can tear a person apart with relative ease. Between their teeth and claws there’s not much an unarmed human can do to a bear. Even running into the bear with a snowmobile is just going to tick them off even further.

Unless you’re the Terminator, leave wild animals alone.

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