Guy Demonstrates 50 Different Ways To Sit Down In A Chair

Guy Demonstrates 50 Different Ways To Sit Down In A Chair

Guy Demonstrates 50 Different Ways To Sit Down In A Chair

I honestly did not know that you could differentiate so many different ways to sit in a chair, but this guy somehow did it. Granted, some of them look pretty similar so it might be a little bit of a cheat that you could easily call him out on, but still it’s kind of funny. When you think about it we really don’t think much about how we sit in chairs at all. In fact there are those throughout the world that don’t sit on chairs as a habit and instead either hunker down and sit on the floor. A lot of the world’s inhabitants do use chairs however, they keep us off the floor and in many cases are a little more comfortable. But upon seeing this I believe I could point out at least a few that a lot of folks practice on a regular basis.

Man on the subway seems to be a style of sitting that has been a problem this year, as both men and women have been guilty of it, though likely as not it’s usually been men. The act of sitting down then spreading your legs out for comfort isn’t a bad thing so long as you’ve got the room, which on a subway car or a bus you really don’t. Some people do it out of habit while others just don’t care about the comfort of those around them. For a pregnant woman however this might be necessary from time to time, which is an exception to this particular seating position. Other than that it’s just rude.

The vlogger representation seems a bit overdone but then again I’ve never yet seen a person actually rub their seat before sitting down on it. I have seen folks actually dust off their seat very quickly before sitting down, but never with such relish as is shown in the clip.

The drunk manner of sitting down could be construed in a few different ways. A person could fall into their seat, they could crawl into their seat, or they could even shimmy their way into a seat. It doesn’t matter really since one way or another they’re either going to slide out of it or pass out and end up taking two or three seats depending on where they’re at.

The cool teacher could also be the parent trying to talk to their children about something serious while trying to seem laid back and relaxed. It could also be the pose of the guy in control as he talks to a captive that’s tied to another chair awaiting punishment if he doesn’t answer the other person’s questions in the correct manner. Hey, I’m a writer, my mind goes there.

The stepped in something method seems like it would carry a very high probability of getting smacked upside the head, at least back in the day. Now it would probably involve the person scraping the something off the chair and then get a verbal scolding.

Did you happen to see the way you like to sit?

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