Great Mismatch: Ghost Rider vs. Jinx

Great Mismatch: Ghost Rider vs. Jinx

Great Mismatch: Ghost Rider vs. Jinx

There are a lot of matchups out there that would appear to be less than ideal since to be fair there are characters who match up with others in one way but can’t hang with them in any other manner. One such pairing is that of Jinx vs. Ghost Rider. Leaving alone the fact that they don’t come from the same brand, the fact is that while Jinx is absolutely nuts and undeniably dangerous, it’s enough to wonder if she could give Ghost Rider even a hint of trouble since the Rider could easily overwhelm her with the sheer power at his disposal, but it’s fun to think that Jinx might give him a little bit of trouble. Then there’s the matter of one of his greatest weapons, one that has actually been nullified by a few characters throughout the years, the Penance Stare. The fact that anyone has been able to withstand this is kind of impressive since it means that they have no regret over the things they’ve done, no matter how terrible. If the stare wasn’t such a discerning weapon it might help, but then it wouldn’t be quite the same. 

The Ghost Rider is kind of a noble hero despite his appearance and origins, but Jinx doesn’t have any use for nobility of any type since she’s ready to go boom-boom at the drop of a hat and would likely seek to keep the Rider on his toes, so to speak so that he couldn’t get in close. How long that would last is anyone’s guess, but a lot of fans might say that it wouldn’t take long at all since no matter what Jinx could throw at him, it’s very easy to think that Ghost Rider might take damage, but he would shrug it off and keep coming. This is a character that’s taken on some of the most powerful individuals in the Marvel Universe after all, and he’s managed to get back up and keep going. 

Jinx’s impressive array of weaponry would do its fair share of damage, but unless any of it was blessed in any way she wouldn’t be able to do anything permanent. If the Rider hit her on the other hand or managed to get his chain wrapped around her, things would be a lot different. She’s a tough woman, there’s no doubt, but seeing as how she’s been knocked around a bit since she was introduced into her own game, it’s not tough to think that she has a limit that her body can’t go beyond. What it comes down to is the raw power that fuels the Ghost Rider, and how he could end this fight quickly if he really desired to. Jinx would do her thing for a while, and if she could somehow get the Rider to revert back to his host form, the odds would tip in her favor in a big way since Jinx’s strength, speed, and insanity would count for more then. But it has to be put on the table that her fractured mind might actually protect her from the Penance Stare, to begin with, as it’s fair to think that she might not be quite as affected by the Stare given that she’s already tortured, and it might not work. 

It’s an interesting thought to bring up at least, and I’m sure a lot of fanboys would rush in to argue the point down or stand in favor of it depending on which way they wanted to lean at that given moment. The power and skill sets and psychological profiles of various heroes and villains do tend to change now and then, and it’s fair to think that Jinx might become a bigger problem for the Ghost Rider than many might think. It would still be a classic mismatch, of course, there’s no denying that Ghost Rider is stronger, quicker, and infinitely more powerful. But the fact that the Rider has a human host is enough to think that this battle could turn in a very interesting direction if Jinx was able to pull out something that might actually hurt the Rider. Holy relics and blessed items aren’t exactly out of the realm of belief when it comes to League of Legends after all, but the one thing that might cause a snag would be the lack of knowledge that both combatants possessed concerning each other. 

This would be a fun mismatch to watch since it could only end one way most times, but giving Jinx the benefit of the doubt at least a couple of times, and seeing how it could go, would be intriguing. It’s easy to think that Jinx might be smart enough not to mess with Ghost Rider, but then again, it’s easy to think that she might say to hell with it and do such a thing just for fun. 

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