10 Things You Didn’t Know about Grace Boor

When Grace Boor decided to follow her dreams, she had no idea they would take her into a place so special. She did not know she’d be a famous model or a social media star, but now she is. She’s a young woman other young women look up to, and she is doing her very best to be a good role model. Here’s what you need to know about her.

1. She’s a TikToker

Her claim to fame is TikTok. She’s a TikTok star who has done a lot for the world and for her own career. She has millions of followers across her many social media platforms, and she uses them to earn money, to share things, and to make a living.

2. She is Young

We don’t know when she was born, but we do know that she is quite young. Her life goal is to focus on being herself, on encouraging others to do the same, and making sure the world is just a nicer place as often as she can. She’s not into things like cancel culture and the rest of the hate on the internet, and she makes that very clear.

3. She is a Model

She’s the kind of model who does actual modeling work. She is not the type who says she does but she really just posts her own modeling photos on her social media accounts. Boor has modeled for major brands such as Tiger Mist and even Sports Illustrated Swim. Both of which are massive brands, if we may point that out.

4. She Has Been Modeling for a While

The first time she modeled professionally, she was a junior in high school. She was asked to model for a shoot for the Miss Florida Teen USA pageant. She loved it, and it was something that she enjoyed because it was such a glam and girly experience. It was a positive first modeling opportunity for the young woman.

5. She Never Dreamed of Modeling

While so many young women do dream of becoming a model one day, she is not one of them. In fact, it never even crossed her mind because she considers herself too short to be a model. They do tell you growing up that models must be tall, but things have changed and standards are no longer the same as they were so many years ago.

6. She Advises People to Do It

One thing that this young model likes to say is that you should just go for it. Don’t let anything stand in your way. Don’t let anyone tell you that you cannot do something. Don’t allow the world to make you feel as if you are not good enough. If you want to model, be a model. It’s that easy. If you want to do something else in life, do something else in life. You have the power.

7. She Ignores Negativity

Her best advice for kids and even adults on the internet is to ignore the vile comments. The internet is filled with people who have a mean spirit, and you cannot allow that to bother you. Honestly, though; she’s not wrong. After all, what kind of person spends their time online sending hate message after hate message saying horrible things about people who they disagree with or dislike for some perceived reason? Their comments are vile because they are vile…normal people don’t do that.

8. She’d Like to Act

She is a happy model who loves what she does, but she would also love to explore the acting business a bit. She will audition, and she hopes to eventually add a few modeling jobs to her resume as the days go by.

9. She’s Not Political

Well, she might be political, but she’s not talking about it. She prefers to keep her political opinions private, as she has every right to do. However, she does believe in using her social standpoint as a way to help others by advocating against hate and bullying. She’s not a fan, and she would like the rest of the world to understand that being a hateful person is not a good thing. She’s a young woman who doesn’t want to see hate or bullying in the world, and we are with her on that one.

10. She is Not a Cancel Culture Fan

There is no reason to cancel someone because you don’t like them, don’t like their opinion, or their beliefs. Everyone has a different opinion than you, so what good does trying to cancel everyone do in the grand scheme of things. It’s like saying your opinion is the only right one and everyone else should be cancelled. That’s…boring, isn’t it? We can all agree to disagree and live

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