Gotham Review: “Red Queen” Sends Gordon On A Trip


I don’t know about all of you, but I’m really enjoying the crazy turns that Gotham continues to take. If you’re looking for a grounded, serious show that could turn into the Dark Knight trilogy universe, I’d look elsewhere. But, if you’re looking for a show that embraces the insanity that has turned Gotham into a “Mad City”, then this is definitely for you!

This week on Gotham: Jervis Tetch plots to drug all of the city leaders with a powerful, deadly hallucinogen, and tests it out on Gordon. Gordon, while tripping on said drug, has several visions that change the course of his life. Penguin, jealous that Nygma has found a new love interest, attempts to sabotage them. Bruce and Selina attempt a first date. Mayor Cobblepot meets a mysterious woman at the Founders Dinner.

As a whole, I’ve really been enjoying this season. Ever since they cut loose with the villains in Season 2 and embraced the wild, crazy nature of the show, very few moments have not been enjoyable to me. The wild unpredictability has been my favorite part. That said, this episode was only a slight letdown because it gave us a moment we all knew was coming: Gordon rejoining the GCPD. I didn’t DISLIKE that at all. In fact, I will be rather excited to put Gordon, Bullock and Barnes all back on the same team for awhile. But, it left me with a bit of an ambivalent attitude at the end of the episode.

Still, the rest of it was pretty exciting and unpredictable as ever. A predictable show would’ve shown Penguin successfully sabotaging Nygma’s brand new relationship. Instead, we have a failed attempt. I think this lends some credence to my “this lady actually is Kristen Kringle back from the dead” theory, but either way, I found it compelling. It will only lead Penguin to do wilder and crazier things in the future, which always serves the show well.

I’m compelled forward in Season 3 by two main questions. Number one, what is going to happen to Barnes? Does he die? Become a villain? Get cured? Watching his descent into whatever is happening has been fascinating, but I’d really like to see where it is going. Number two, what’s going on in Jim’s head? Obviously, he does love Lee, but he cares for Valerie too. Is he ever going to tell Lee that he went after her? I’m not sure what their endgame is here, but again, the unpredictability is my favorite part.

Here are a few additional thoughts:

  • I almost forgot about Selena and Bruce until I peeked back up to my summary. Mazouz and Bicondova are still both wonderful young actors, but the plot didn’t seem particularly relevant to the episode.
  • This is my weekly reminder to everyone that I think Erin Richards’ work as Barbara is just wonderful. Even in hallucinations, she’s fab.
  • What’s up with the band aid on the back of Mario’s neck? What’s he been injected with? I’m extremely curious.
  • If I were Jim, I’d just tell Valerie that he knew she had a better chance with two doctors standing. But he’s not really in the habit of telling people things, is he?

All in all, I’m still really enjoying this season of Gotham. While not without its problems, it embraces the wacky world it has created, and, though sometimes dark, is really gripping television.

What do you guys think? Did you enjoy the episode? Let us know!

Gotham airs Mondays at 8/7c on FOX

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